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Hello Bangkok :) #sabbatical

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Sabbatical: a period of time set aside for rest, a sabbath from a time of consistent service and ministry. We tend to glamorize sabbatical. However, I’d venture to say that in many... maybe even most cases sabbatical becomes necessary because of stress, burnout, dying passion, ill health or some various combination of the slew. Rest often times looks like digging deep into the sludge and mess within that we’ve swept to the side for the sake of service. I’m guilty of denying self care for the sake of ministry, I’ll be the first to admit it... because if I don’t tell you my friends will. 😂 Rest is the opposite of my nature. I want to serve, be in action, get things done... but the lord LEADS ME TO GREEN PASTURES AND MAKES ME TO LAY BESIDE STILL WATERS... HE MAKES ME!! Because he’s good, he makes me. It’s hard, but he’s worth choosing every. Single. Gosh. Darn. Time. #sabbatical