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Anastacia 🦊

So tonight we finished the blade! I mean I had to pull out the big guns and go to the pro's for some help but I'm so glad I did! I mean just look at how gorgeous this leather is!!! 😍 @robertleatherworks really helped me make this piece come to life! If you've never checked his page out I would highly recommend doing so! He has some gorgeous shots of his work on there and honestly his leather wares are out of this world. #robertleatherworks

📷 @gijoel1 Some bronzed strike plate titanium goodness. Throw in some ivory g10 and of course a #robertleatherworks slip sheath. If I'm not mistaken this one is available @gijoel1

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g r o o m i n g d e p t

———————————————————— Outstanding leather creations from @robertleatherworks - Based in Chattanooga, Tennessee ———————————————————— #robertleatherworks             

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Badass gear drop by @robertleatherworks 👊🏼 @robertleatherworks with @repostapp. ・・・ Quick pic of today's carry. #robertleatherworks

Quick pic of today's carry. #robertleatherworks

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