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Marco • Lvl. 30 • SoCal🌴☀️ (@the_last_action_nerd64) Instagram Profile Photo

Marco • Lvl. 30 • SoCal🌴☀️

To be quite honest, I at shooters. I often make it to the 3rd level at best before I rage quit. Nevertheless, I love playing shooters just to listen to the music. Case in point, Gradius III. Look up “accident road” on YouTube to hear what I’m talking about. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #RetroGames

© FLX • STW (@felix.ostwald.01) Instagram Profile Photo


A small piece of my Figure collection and collection 😝 Damn I need a Gameboy micro! Can't find it at a rea reasonable price!💸 . . . . #retrogames #retrogames

Steve Nutter (@retro_tech_usa) Instagram Profile Photo

Steve Nutter

She likes chips and Nintendo, what can I say?🤣

🎮~ Retro.Gamer.Boy ~🕹️ (@retro.gamer.boy) Instagram Profile Photo

🎮~ Retro.Gamer.Boy ~🕹️

One of these games staring Tekken characters is amazing. The other, not so much. @retrogamerthomas is all about retro gaming, checkout his Instagram feed. s

Tienda Pixeleate (@pixeleate) Instagram Profile Photo

Tienda Pixeleate

Uno de los mejores juegos de la vida. Y que banda sonora! The legend of Zelda, a Link to the past en SNES. Ahora puedes llevar a Link siempre contigo con este exclusivo llavero. . . One of the best games ever and what an incredible soundtrack. The legend of Zelda, a Link to the past on the SNES. . . #retrogames

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