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Nintendo Gamer (@nintygamer) Instagram Profile Photo

Nintendo Gamer

Your Number 1 Gaming Podcast (@unofficialcontrollerpodcast) Instagram Profile Photo

Your Number 1 Gaming Podcast

Diego Antunes | Streamer (@gamesdih) Instagram Profile Photo

Diego Antunes | Streamer

Video Game Worm (@videogameworm) Instagram Profile Photo

Video Game Worm

Do not hate humans... If you cannot live with them, at least do them no harm... For theirs is already a hard lot... At this point I've already given up on getting Symphony of the Night for PS1. It's just... In a price range I'm not willing to spend on a videogame... Especially one I know I won't play anymore... But if the opportunity presents itself... Then maybe... maybe... Back in Highscool when it first came out, there was no way I could've gotten an original copy of it... I played bootleg games 100% (well except for the demo disc that came with my PS1) as there's no way my family could afford an original game, not in a third-world country. However, I had very fond memories of the game. It has a lot of good life lessons as well... But here you see a couple of Castlevania games I enjoyed and recently purchased. Which Castlevania game made the most impact in your life? #retrogamer

Marco • Lvl. 30 • SoCal🌴☀️ (@the_last_action_nerd64) Instagram Profile Photo

Marco • Lvl. 30 • SoCal🌴☀️

To be quite honest, I at shooters. I often make it to the 3rd level at best before I rage quit. Nevertheless, I love playing shooters just to listen to the awesome music. Case in point, Gradius III. Look up “accident road” on YouTube to hear what I’m talking about. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #RetroGamer

Lucas Michalczuk (@casual_player) Instagram Profile Photo

Lucas Michalczuk

Master of the universe. He-Man. 🇵🇱Dzisiejsze ciekawe znalezisko w drodze po chleb 😀🇪🇺🇺🇸Today's interesting find on the way to bread 😀. . . . . . . . . . r

Tienda Pixeleate (@pixeleate) Instagram Profile Photo

Tienda Pixeleate

Uno de los mejores juegos de la vida. Y que banda sonora! The legend of Zelda, a Link to the past en SNES. Ahora puedes llevar a Link siempre contigo con este exclusivo llavero. . . One of the best games ever and what an incredible soundtrack. The legend of Zelda, a Link to the past on the SNES. . . #retrogamer

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