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Just Brew It Cafe is opening soon, but while you are waiting its time to renovate!! s

Rasmus Suhonen (@macrasse) Instagram Profile Photo

Rasmus Suhonen

I forgot to post the picture yesterday how it did look like before I started fixing yesterday. So here it is. #renovations

برای دوستان عزیزی که رزومه فرستادن. . . سلام عزیزانم. اگه خاطرتون باشه چند روز پیش یه آگهی جهت همکاری داشتیم. از دوستان معمار جوان و با انگیزه خواسته بودیم که به کمکمون بیان. خیلی از عزیزان محبت کردن و رزومه فرستادن میخوام از همگی تشکر کنم. تعداد بالای عزیزانی که محبت داشتن من رو متعجب کرد. از بین عزیزانی که زحمت کشیدند سه نفر، دو خانم و یک آقا رو سعادت داشتیم که در خدمتشون باشیم. امیدوارم که همگی عزیزان در هر جایگاهی که قرار میگیرن موفق و پیروز باشن❤️❤️ . . . . . . . . . s

I N T E R I O R   F O X (@theinteriorfox) Instagram Profile Photo



🌈Swipe to see before ⤴️ shots of the basement window nook 👀 at home! I wish I had an original photo from when we bought the house and what this room looked like before we destroyed it 🤪🥊 as the previous owners used it as a storage for guitars 🎸🤷🏼‍♀️?! We had to get rid of some structural foundation and rebuild this entire room but the 🤩real focus of the space is this window/reading/chilling 🌝 nook (that I don’t spend nearly enough time in). I’m thinking of getting cane sheet material to put over the fabric radiator squares as the material is too thin. Whatcha think? 🤔 . . . #renovations

A Cut Above Constructions (@acutaboveconstructions) Instagram Profile Photo

A Cut Above Constructions

Glenhaven, New South Wales, Australia

Absolutely stoked with how our Outdoor Entertainment Area in Glenhaven turned out! As much as we love doing our high end renovations it was awesome to be outdoors for this entire project. The backyard still has a few features left to go but once it’s finished theres gonna be no reason to leave as it’ll have everything you need to enjoy the Australian Outdoors!! 🇦🇺 Love it 💙👌🏼

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