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Angela Anderson (@not_impressed_99) Instagram Profile Photo

Angela Anderson


I was just having a conversation with a friend about synchronicities in life. Essentially it's a coincidence in life that seems to hold a meaning without having a direct relationship with the coincidence itself. It's definitely something to ponder about because looking around you can find all sorts of coincidences that occur everyday in your own life and in other peoples life. I think sometimes this is just a sign or a reminder that your not alone in this world and sometimes I think this is the way the universe shows us that there is always a possibility of something more. Only you can decide what you what to do with the synchronicity. Do you call it out or do you continuously ignore it?


Newbridge, River Dart

I love watching her soul, at one with the world ❤️



Pascal Sweet (@pascalsweet) Instagram Profile Photo

Pascal Sweet


In love with this spot, what about you?


Marlins Park

As it says on his twitter bio “I can’t hear the critics talkin over the applause”



EC Righ - Photography (@photog.righ) Instagram Profile Photo

EC Righ - Photography

Beamish Open Air Museum

Reflections of a steam cart at @beamish_museum . Got my feet a bit muddy taking this shot, I think the result was worth it though! . This one may be one for my before/after highlight section. I've left the staff member in the shot on the right in their vintage outfit, but may have removed a few of the visitors... Some think that's cheating in photography, I say it's my artistic licence 😂 . . . . . . . . . _perfection . .


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