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Better dap on those haters 😂😂 ---------------------------------------------------- Partners in crime: ---------------------------------------------------- -@sirnutt -@demmemesdoelol -@raycharlesnyc -@raycharlesnyc2 -@idontunderstandlife101 -@comecorrectagain -@castratedmeme -@_xjust_3ll.ox -@snikabarz ---------------------------------------------------- Tags no-one cares about ---------------------------------------------------- #racism

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If the story wasn’t real who graves is this? They not even worthy of seeing Kinteh with a H grave until someone ones to step foot in Virginia this is Kunta Kinteh’s daughter Kizzy Kinteh’s Son Chicken George’s Grave and this is from a 1977 Interview 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾 Roots’ Program Catches Hold in Virginia ‘Home’ By Ken Ringle January 28, 1977 Washington Post Article: Judge Absalom) Nelson Waller 73, Waller’s ancestors, no less than Haley’s are part of the story. The judge’s ancestors were the plantation owners who bought Haley’s great-great-great-grandfather, Kunta Kinte, on the slave block in Annapolis and bent him to a life of bondage on land that the Waller’s family still owns two centuries later. Roots” is the biggest thing in years to hit Spotsylvania, a trapezoid-shaped county of woods and farmland near Fredericksburg about 60 miles southwest of Washington. “Everywhere you go people talk about it,” said Bob Woods, principal of Spotsylvania County Senior High School. Julia A. Thompson, 84, remembers her grandmother telling about “being auctioned off on a block in Charlestown, W. Va.” before arriving in Spotsylvania as a Waller slave. “She said a bell was ringing and the man was saying she was a good cook and what fine a baby she had in her arms,” Mrs. Thompson said, “She had a baby in her arms!” Mrs. Thompson said her grandmother, who died about 1904 at the age of 100, spoke of slavery without bitterness. But when yound blacks would complain about anything, she would smile and say, “You don’t know what hard times are. You all are living on the flowery bed of ease.” @haki_kweli_shakur #racism