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Kevin Nguyen (@veknguyen) Instagram Profile Photo veknguyen

Kevin Nguyen

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Finished with the Spartan Sprint of this year! Two more races to beat for the Spartan Trifecta! Can’t wait to race the Spartan Super on May 19th in Austin so I can fit another piece on my plate :D . . Date: March 24th... really late post lolol oh well . . #race

2 Tekerler (@2_tekerler) Instagram Profile Photo 2_tekerler

2 Tekerler

image by 2 Tekerler (@2_tekerler) with caption : "Gönderen: @mertcanunal2004
Bisiklet: @bianchibicycles

Kendi 2Tekerinizin Fotoğrafını Gönderebilirsini" - 1761741530996748776
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Gönderen: @mertcanunal2004 . . . . . . Bisiklet: @bianchibicycles . . . Kendi 2Tekerinizin Fotoğrafını Gönderebilirsiniz . . . . . . ✔✔❗❗SAYFAMIZI TAKIP UNUTMAYIN ❗❗✔✔ . . . . . . #race

Feminist's CDA (@feministscda) Instagram Profile Photo feministscda

Feminist's CDA

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Upon our findings, the media tend to focus on the miserable story of the women more than those which women get up and fight back. Let us think about this: Why would the writers feel that victimisation of women would be more appealing to the audiences? One explanation is that it fulfills what the society expect of the role of women. Women looking powerless and tender could gain empathy easily, and could perhaps gain support for the movement. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 However, as the old saying says, don’t let the past define you. There sure be more effective ways to get the community together. How about switching the focus on what we can do from now and showing the world how capable we are to fight against power imbalance? If we refuse to move on from the sorrowful past, women would forever stay within the stereotype of being passive and timid, female empowerment and gender equality would forever be out of reach. 💖💪🏻 #race #

image by Trish (@trish_239) with caption : "Repost from @73threads using @RepostRegramApp - Happy friYAY! Is your weekend filled with this week’s #FreeShirtFriday?!" - 1761741180838962611
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Repost from @73threads using @RepostRegramApp - Happy friYAY! Is your weekend filled with this week’s ?! To enter, like this post, follow us, share this post — good luck! . . . . . .   #race

💎LUXURY💎SUPERCAR💰HYPERCAR🔥 (@ravvarcars) Instagram Profile Photo ravvarcars


image by 💎LUXURY💎SUPERCAR💰HYPERCAR🔥 (@ravvarcars) with caption : "Would you dare to drive a McLaren LM at the road? 😱
Follow @puredrivetv for more exotic cars 👌
#mclaren #f1lm #carinteri" - 1761740962926791717
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Would you dare to drive a McLaren LM at the road? 😱 Follow @puredrivetv for more exotic cars 👌

Sherief Elkatsha - شريف القطشه (@sheriefelkatsha) Instagram Profile Photo sheriefelkatsha

Sherief Elkatsha - شريف القطشه

image by Sherief Elkatsha - شريف القطشه (@sheriefelkatsha) with caption : "On your mark, get set, go! Woodside, NY. #race #queens #cherrypickers" - 1761740951880246682
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On your mark, get set, go! Woodside, NY. #race

Johnjay Van Es (@johnjayvanes) Instagram Profile Photo johnjayvanes

Johnjay Van Es

Only 100 of these exist! They will be for sale THIS SUNDAY at the Pat Tillman Run! Only 100 that’s it! Look for them and all kinds of other Shirts at the race in the KISS TENT or where you think the tent should be lol #race