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Dvaja perverzáci sa stretli💦 (@citaty.x) Instagram Profile Photo citaty.x

Dvaja perverzáci sa stretli💦

image by Dvaja perverzáci sa stretli💦 (@citaty.x) with caption : "I'm sending virtual hug 💛
#Slovakia #Žilina #quotes" - 1784609938762645602
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I'm sending virtual hug 💛 #quotes

Nikki Eileen Kerester (@carolvickifan84) Instagram Profile Photo carolvickifan84

Nikki Eileen Kerester

image by Nikki Eileen Kerester (@carolvickifan84) with caption : "May 22: Happy Birthday Paul Winfield (1939-2004) 
#paulwinfield #actor #predator #bornonthisday #happybirthday #maybirth" - 1784609874110445618
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May 22: Happy Birthday Paul Winfield (1939-2004) #quotes

NERDROOF ¦ Everything Premium (@nerdroof) Instagram Profile Photo nerdroof

NERDROOF ¦ Everything Premium

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Ekso Bionics creates soft exoskeletons, designed to aid factory workers in tedious, repetitive and taxing tasks. But Ekso’s focus moves beyond the factory walls. The company’s Ekso Health line focuses on rehabilitation. Ekso’s suits offer lightweight, wearable assistance to patients suffering mobility setbacks from things like strokes. Watch to learn more about Exoskeleton! From @techcrunch

Against Violence and Abuse (@againstviolence79) Instagram Profile Photo againstviolence79

Against Violence and Abuse

image by Against Violence and Abuse (@againstviolence79) with caption : "Words to get you going today #quotes #tuesdaymotivation" - 1784609762558955093
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Words to get you going today #quotes

✌Shreya Chakraborty✌ (@_the_wildflowerr) Instagram Profile Photo _the_wildflowerr

✌Shreya Chakraborty✌

Instagram Image by ✌Shreya Chakraborty✌ (@_the_wildflowerr) with caption : "| LOVE |
Love is ????
According to dictionary, Love is an intense feeling of romantic attachment based onvattraction fel" at Some Where under the Sky - 1784609658012765133

| LOVE | Love is ???? According to dictionary, Love is an intense feeling of romantic attachment based onvattraction felt by one person on another." The definition is so vague yet so simple. Another definition goes like this, intense liking and concern for another person with sexual passion. But what Love actually is?? It is something abstract. Something to be felt. I may not know what ir truely is but I think it's not just when your lips meet your lover's. It's not just the pass to your lover's body. Those are just gestures, maybe, to show love but that doesnot define love. Love is ,maybe, the happiness when you meet someone. It's when you understand each other without explaining each other. It's maybe not just for ur partner but for all the people who have some importance in your life. It might just be not trying to find faults in the people you love and not try make fun of those. It is ,maybe, something very pure. It's like infinity. When u love someone forever you fell like it's infinite, it's beyond measure. Else it was maybe not love. #quotes