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No filters needed! 🌻🐣 #puremittigan

I probably spent about 45 minutes today looking at books in the library today all pertaining on how to cook Korean BBQ 🤣⁣ (Who does this? Me)⁣ ⁣ So if anyone has any tips please help a sister out. ⁣ ⁣ Oh fun fact:⁣ The library has always been a place I’ve enjoyed going to. Even as a kid my mom would take me there for hours. I used to love reading books and still do, but found myself drifting away from it. Oddly I’m writing this to tell you I’m back at it 🙌🏽 Reading takes me somewhere else and I likeeee it.

Frank The Tank (@frankthebasset) Instagram Profile Photo

Frank The Tank

It’s my mom’s birthday! ❤️ we spent the day catching some rays ☀️and hiking, our favorite things! . . #puremittigan

Wagner Falls Scenic Site

While I'm not quite done sharing my Georgia wanderings with you, I wanted to sneak in another photo from Michigan's Upper Peninsula. We have a great state here in the mitten!

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On The Bay Boutique & Cafe

On The Bay Customs Boutique & Cafe

Ahoy Captain! 👋 Are you ready to set sail??🛳 Make sure you look the part of a proper captain with our boat bags, keychains, wallets, and captain's caps ⚓ 📷: @xoemilyjoanne

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RYAN - Adventure Photographer

Grand Marais, Michigan

Social media.. what a beautiful yet terrifying thing right? I’ve taken a big break from posting often because I felt that the love I had for photography turned into an addiction to dopamine (look it up).. I started taking photos only for the sake of growing my Instagram account and it really started to feel like a chore. I was scared that I was getting sick of photographing but the break made me realize that I was actually just sick of social media. I hated what it did to my creative mindset.. seeing other people’s work all the time made it difficult to create something unique to me. - So I decided to take a break in the effort to focus on building a business and to try and regain the passion I once had. I still took lots of photos, I just didn’t post them and I also cut my time spent on social media in half😂🤙 I made new friends and actually just got back from a trip with a few of them. This trip to the Upper Peninsula really made me feel like I got my passion back. I was able to make memories without the camera or social media getting in the way which I think has made me turn into a Lifestyle photographer😂 I like the idea of really trying to show things from my point of view in the middle of an adventure rather than trying to get the perfect long exposure of a waterfall without any people in it. My pictures are taken right as a memory of mine is created, which in my mind makes it a true memory and not just some glamorized landscape photo. - My mind is at ease and I’m extremely excited to actually share my adventure with the rest of the world👌🏻❤️

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