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Are you at risk for PTSD? The greatest thing to arm yourself is to gain resilience. You can create a life that arms you for when bad things happen, you just have to be intentional with what you do with your life and who is in your life. It is also about working through past - which EMDR therapy can help with. . . . therapy

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Laura Mazzotta/Therapist

Traumatic experiences (defined as “deeply distressing or disturbing experiences” become stored within our physical bodies. This is why therapeutic techniques that work with the physical (e.g. EMDR, EFT (tapping), dance movement therapy, biofeedback, somatic experiencing, etc) are so effective. Calling up the trauma while working with the gradually disconnects/re-maps the stored emotional experience from the actual memory. In doing so, emotions are less intense when you experience a memory or trigger for that trauma. Energetic and spiritual healing is a powerful path to excavate these feelings in a gentle and compassionate way. I would be happy to guide and hold space for you as you do this work. PM me if you’d like to connect! Posted @withrepost@b.e.frank Grieving the past frees us from the compulsion to repeat it. But. Grief can only begin when the brain registers that the past is PAST. Trauma messes with our sense of space and TIME. Comprehensive trauma therapy includes two stages: 1. Re-establishing the timeline. Past is past, present is NOW, future doesn’t exist. We do this using a variety of tools, techniques, and therapy models. Traumatic injuries can and do HEAL. 2. Grieving all the . Grief doesn’t ever fully go away. You never “get over” the losses in life. They become part of the tapestry of your human experience. BUT - that doesn’t mean grief has to define every moment of every day. Easier said than done. But it can be helpful to know the path to healing includes a SEPARATION of grief work and trauma work. Good trauma work is GRIEF informed. Good grief work is TRAUMA informed. Feel free to ask your healers/providers/practitioners/coaches if they include BOTH. therapy

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Garrett O'Brien

This little guy is no bigger than my pinky finger nail. Had to assist it to safety before moving forward. In the same sense; God pushes us in the right direction to a place of safety and comfort. At times this is the case, but sometimes we get very uncomfortable and try to run, not understanding that God is right there with us. Even though we may sway off path, we eventually get back to the path predestined. Where everything is just easy and falls into place. God being the center of that world. We are ushers of God’s heart, instilled within us when the spark of our soul was connected within our in our mother’s . We have a choice to follow or turn. Please understand that it is never an easy choice. The past year and 5 months, I have taken the path least traveled and it has brought me to a place where I can see more clearly, understand deeper, and identify deeper intentions. Reading the Word brings deeper meaning. I make no intention to boast or to speak highly of myself, but as a child of God having lived through trials many have never seen. My only intention with this writing is to give all glory to God, that He gets credit for helping me better understand. His wisdom instilled on me through trials brings perseverance. I may have not fully let go of certain things but daily the reminder is there that God has got this. #PTSDtherapy

Instagr cupcakes vs. Survival cupcakes ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Instagr cupcakes have fresh flowers in the background. They are perfectly piped. Crafted with love, preferably by a professional baker. Made from scratch. Smell like success and warm hugs. Look almost too good to eat. Very photogenic and a little high maintenance, but who wouldn’t be with an airy like that? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Survival cupcakes still sit on cooling racks. If you look closely, you can actually see the progression of stress and mania take hold as the frosting from one cake to the next resembles an ever growing rage like Cruella De Vil plowing through snow and trees to get her mother effin’ puppies that she stole fair and square. They come from boxes and tubs. Smell like defeat and desperation. Look like something a 3 year old decorated with their eyes closed. Very cera shy but perfect for shoving in your face and eating in bulk. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Sometimes I an instagr cupcake, but today I’m a survival cupcake and I never want to shy away from being upfront about that, because when all we see is the beautiful frosting, we easily forget that we are all messy survival cupcakes at various stages of our lives—even in the midst of generally good seasons. And that’s okay because at the end of the day, if you’re willing to look past the mess, you’ll notice they both bring their own brand of joy.🧁

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Marcus Robinson

Before, During & After.. my 3rd piece on plexiglass. It has a LED light behind it but I misplaced the power cord😒... #ptsdtherapy

To Be Happy . . THANKS TO @drjohnaking... . . . 👍 Therapy

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Charlotte Stanley

I met this handsome cat todau after therapy 💓 #ptsdtherapy

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