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Yoke Bristol (@thisisyoke) Instagram Profile Photo

Yoke Bristol

The youth climate strikes – our top 5 protest messages On the 15th of March 60 towns and cities in Britain hosted protests attended by thousands of passionate young people who are angry at current inaction around climate change. The Youth Climate Strikes inspired us all at Yoke so much that we decided to take a look at the messaging on show and see what we could learn. View the post on our site - link in our bio slogans

Sarah Galligan (@salgalligan) Instagram Profile Photo

Sarah Galligan

Out, out, vile jelly. Old English protests. #protestslogans

Feitan Portor (@feitanp) Instagram Profile Photo

Feitan Portor

Today’s the day that tens of thousands of women and girls will follow in the footsteps of former campaigners and march in a colourful procession, banners aloft. Join them in London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, and Belfast. @artichoketrust . . #protestslogans

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