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Negros Forests & Ecological Foundation Inc - NFEFI

More babies to join the Talarak Foundation family! Yesterday was Father’s Day, and these tiny Tarictic chicks would not have made it without their dad. Hornbill mothers seal themselves in the trunks of trees throughout the incubation period, and rely on the fathers to bring them food. It is a well run home that has evolved through centuries. Over the past few decades, their families have been torn apart by deforestation and illegal hunting. And in this case, man has made these dads vulnerable and incapable of protecting their homes. Let’s celebrate all fathers in all shapes and sizes by protecting our forests, and giving these families a greater chance of surviving extinction. Our forests, are our future, and theirs! ••• ••• ••• #protectourspecies


@palmoilfreecertification • • • • • • 💊The National Cancer Institute estimates 70% of anti-cancer plants identified so far are rainforest plants. 70% or more of the plants that are used to treat cancer are found only in our tropical rainforests. 💚🍃 🌳 Profits from our are donated to NGOs conserving and saving rainforests. To learn more about us please go to our website : 😀🍃 .Rainforests are . . . . #protectourspecies


Ƒɑɾհɑժ Հɑɾɑbí Ƙհօɾɑѕɑղí (@farhadzarabi) Instagram Profile Photo

Ƒɑɾհɑժ Հɑɾɑbí Ƙհօɾɑѕɑղí

🔸 گفت در کیش اهل دریوزه* بیست پا را بس است یک موزه**(هزليات ) حاليا؛اما نفرمود كه اهل دريوزه -از خبث باطن يا به جبر زمانه يا هرچه-به يكباره اگر پفيوز*** شدند،تكليف چيه؟ ➰ * کدیه و گدائی باشد.(برهان )و آويختن از درها برای سؤال یعنی گدائی ، و دریوز و دریوزه به معنی گدا نیز آمده چه به معنی جستجو و جوینده و هر دو صحیح است.و فرمايد؛ ‎از چرخ طمع ببُر که شيران را ‎دریوزه نشاید از در یوزه. **موزه نوعى پاافزارست که تا ساق پا و زیر زانو را می پوشاند و چکمه نیز گویند. (ناظم الاطباء) فرمايد؛ همیشه به یک ساق موزه درون یکی خنجری داشتی آبگون . ***و مترادف ، ، ، ،بی حمیتِ بی دردِ بی رگ است.(مطابق لغتنامه) -در خارجه امروز 16/june را( ) ناميده اند؛روز پدران،مباركه 👏🏽 Photo by:@pantheracats



Millie Rae (@millierae_) Instagram Profile Photo

Millie Rae

Happy 💜 Out of 7 known species of sea turtles, 6 are critically endangered. Main factors that decrease number of sea turtles are: poaching, loss of nesting or feeding areas, accidental catch (called bycatch), ocean pollution and weather changes (global warming). So please do what you can to help the wildlife. Don't Litter Pick up any Rubbish you see Ditch single use plastic We need to work together to #protectourspecies and save these incredible creatures.


Mohamed Shalwani (@_shalwani) Instagram Profile Photo

Mohamed Shalwani

Today is Let this day be a reminder that we need work together to #ProtectOurSpecies 🌍🐢


Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Prgms (@fromthebowseat) Instagram Profile Photo

Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Prgms

"I believe in creating art that melds creativity with activism: to combine a profound story with deeper significance. I hope my piece acts as a catalyst of change for a sustainable future!" Camryn L. @camrynlipman (Age 16, New York), Bronze Winner in Senior Art for her piece, "A Cry for Help." . Your art can help open people's eyes to the causes and consequences of climate change. Inspire change! Enter the Ocean Awareness Contest! . The deadline is tomorrow, June 17th, 11:59 Eastern Time! Link in our bio! . . . #protectourspecies


Happy from Panthera, a proud recipient of support from Disney and the Lion Recovery Fund’s campaign. Working together, we can protect families across Africa. Panthera’s research and conservation actions have proven that by providing adequate protection and increasing tolerance for lions among the people who live with them, we can successfully recover lion populations. Before you see and reimagined on the big screen, read more about this exciting new partnership to help in the wild through the link in our bio. @lionrecovery @lionking @wildnetorg Image from @disneystudios #ProtectOurSpecies


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