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LEORON Institute (@leoron_institute) Instagram Profile Photo

LEORON Institute

ADRIANSTORES || LOGISTICS (@adrianstoresng) Instagram Profile Photo


Don't go looking for window seats on airplanes because you want to get goods from China. Sit at home like a boss while we make the runs for you!  Email address :  Facebook: adrianstoresng Instagram: adrianstoresng Call/WhatsApp:+2348056916286 #procurement    

Beauty Leaders LLC 💠 (@beautyleadersllc) Instagram Profile Photo

Beauty Leaders LLC 💠

Beauty Leaders LLC

. ✨ HEALTH BENEFITS ✨ Did you know that spa experiences contribute greatly to your overall wellness? They reduce stress and anxiety, alleviate diseases and improve breathing—just to name a few! It is a priority for us to educate our audiences about these benefits, and take part on a larger scale improvement in wellness. Opt for our A to Z spa set up service and let your benefit! Find out more by calling us at +971 2 6764600. . . . Follow @beautyleadersllc for more 🧖‍♀️🧖‍♂️💧 @beautyleadersllc @beautyleadersllc @beautyleadersllc

Programme Talks *🚀 June (@programmetalks) Instagram Profile Photo

Programme Talks *🚀 June

Oxford, Oxfordshire

Programme Talks market place is coming along nicely. With programmes, charities, services, products, opportunities, freelancers who can all bring value to youth and community professionals/organisations. If you have a service or opportunity that professionals need to know about you can currently feature for ‘FREE’ by submitting your details via the ‘advertise’ page @ Let’s make the lives of professionals easier and ensure that money goes a lot further in making an impact to young people and communities. #procurement

Words of wisdom from a guest. #procurement

Southern Trading (PTY) Ltd (@southerntrading) Instagram Profile Photo

Southern Trading (PTY) Ltd

Grab our SUNNY Green Bar from you local shop! This multipurpose soap is perfect for saving money and keeping your home sparkling clean!

Lets Talk Supply Chain (@letstalksupplychain) Instagram Profile Photo

Lets Talk Supply Chain

Question of the week! ••• What do you use to help keep you on track with your spending with procurement? There are so many different tools out there, but we want to know what really is the best? And why? #procurement

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