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Tru-VEND® Vending Machines (@truvendvending) Instagram Profile Photo

Tru-VEND® Vending Machines

Individual Operator Overmatch (@qoreperformance) Instagram Profile Photo

Individual Operator Overmatch

Cars And Vehicle Clips 🚘🎥 (@gap_sauce) Instagram Profile Photo

Cars And Vehicle Clips 🚘🎥

Corvette handing out some sauce 🔥🚀 Follow @gap_sauce Follow @gap_sauce By @leo_corvette

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Shors Bones

All my hobbies consist of me wearing a bunch of goofy shit, and being pissy over it. #ppe

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PPE Network

Yorkdale Shopping Centre

The PPE Network is thrilled to announce we are forming a working partnership with Canadian College of Healthcare & Pharmaceutics (CCHAP) for the betterment of PSWs everywhere! For more information, please visit to see how you can start your career as a PSW, or add education upgrades to your current PSW certificate. . . . . . #ppe

Stanco Building Group LLC (@stancobuilding) Instagram Profile Photo

Stanco Building Group LLC

Bathroom Renovation Underway. No one ever said grout removal was easy. #ppe

Insight Training (@traininginsight) Instagram Profile Photo

Insight Training

Zero Visibility? How do we know we are adequately cooling the space? Notice in the side view of this demonstration that the convection currents do NOT slow down! In order to ensure we are adequately cooling the space we need a diagnostic tool that ensures our efforts are working. A trained crew leader in Tactical TIC use will ensure that the following criteria are mitigated: * Fast moving convection currents or smoke * Temperatures at or over 500 degrees * Thermal layer descending at or more than 50% of the space And all this must be visible on the TIC. Ever heard of Go/No Go Decision making? Well, you just got a miniature class on it. Learn more with us at Facebook: Insight Training LLC or our closed Facebook group Tactical Thermal Imaging Twitter: @KTFBurnsDC Instagram: @TrainingInsight Thank you for your support! Instructor Andy Starnes Insight Training LLC Level II Thermography Certified #ppe

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