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Samantha Lavooy (@slavooy) Instagram Profile Photo

Samantha Lavooy

Waited for the sun to go down to do a workout... That did not make it any cooler or less humid, there were just a ton of mosquitos... Better than nothing #pistols

Tier 1 Concealed (@tier1concealed) Instagram Profile Photo

Tier 1 Concealed


What’s your favorite way to carry on a hike? 🏔 SPARA holster at 3 or 4 o’clock hugs your and has a slight forward cant to aid in the draw and re-holster. •

Loveall Tactical (@loveall_tactical) Instagram Profile Photo

Loveall Tactical

Situation unfolding next door, multiple counties PD involved. House was breached and suspect is in custody, no shots fired. # #pistols

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