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今日は胸トレ‼️ プレス系の種目で追い込んでから後半のケーブル本当に効きます😂😂😂 今日も良いトレーニングが出来ました‼️ building #physique

Duluth, Minnesota

Feeling phenomenal now that my is used to not being in a calorie deficit on a daily basis. My joints would ache everyday, I honestly felt like 92% of the day and the other 8% of the day I was stressing about my physique not being “ready.” Although it may seem sick to be shredded af and have the “perfect” physique but trust me it is WAY easier being a bit heavier and just enjoying the gym, lifting more weight and feel big. I low key like to be shredded but will all that it comes with it is very nice to chill and just focus on growth. Not tryna eat all that I can cause that will get me real quick. 😂 Imma have a proper diet, get in those whole foods, have a cheat 1-2x a week to keep myself sane(and for Youtube lol) and set my goals to progress in the gym. Boutta get some quality size on this rebound. 💪🏽😤

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McFIT Wiesbaden

Goood morning! 😊 . Worked on arms this morning 💪🏻 giving these babies a little bit of extra attention ⚒ . Focused on shoulders, then threw in some biceps at the end. Swipe ➡️ for the workout and give it a try if you want 🙏🏻💪🏻: - db shoulder press: 3x8 - SS landmine shoulder press/ y-press: 8 each arm/ 8-10 - rear delt flys/ seated face pulls: 3x8-12/10-15 - upright rows/ cable side raises/ cable front raises: 3x 10-12 each exercise, no rest in between - bicep curls: 3x6-8 - SS bicep curls/ hammer curls: 3x8/8-10 for each arm of course - 21s for burn out sets . Did pushups in between. Still at them but I've never even been able to do them so I still stoked 😊 also random ab excersises in between sets . I hope you guys are doing just fine, making all the gains 🔥 Keep pushing through, it's almost Friday again! Have a wonderful day fitfam! ☺😌 . . . . . . .

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