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آموزش جامع فيبروز 🗣 ٠٩٠٥٧٦١٩٠٩١ 📲09057619091 🔻شامل : شناخت انواع پوست شناخت رنگها طراحى و قرينه سازى ابرو متناسب با چهره ميكروبليدينگ به روش آكادمى فيبروز اروپا جديدترين تكنيك روز دنيا 🔹ميكروبليدينگ 🔸ميكروشيدينگ 🔹آمبره 🔸سايه پودرى 🔹تلفيق ميكروبليدينگ و ميكروشيدينگ 🔸تلفيق ميكروبليدينگ و سايه پودرى ✅وسايل اوليه مورد نياز بصورت رايگان در اختيار هنرجوها قرار مى گيرد. براى اطلاعات بيشتر از نحوه برگزارى واطلاع از هزينه ها با شماره زير هماهنگ نماييد. ☎️ ٠٩١٢٢٩٠٤٧١١ @phibrows_bahararslan @branko_babic_phiacademy @ academybybrankobabic

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Every lady wants to be beautiful anytime, anywhere and spend as little time as possible on their makeup. And when you are a mother then every minute is precious 😉 ⠀ But for pregnant ladies, who wants semi permanent makeup, I propose to plan the treatment after childbirth and at least 1month after your baby is born. ⠀ Let's get to it. The semi-permanent makeup treatment is absolutely harmless: it is carried out with disposable and sterilized instruments on the upper layers of the skin and the pigment cannot get into the or milk👌 ⠀ But the fact is that during pregnancy, the skin becomes more sensitive, and the hormonal balance changes, so the pigment may not take well on the skin. ⠀ That's why I propose to move the appointment and come when your skin is ready for the treatment. ⠀ When you look beautiful, you feel beautiful, and that’s kind of happiness I trying to give women every day! ⠀ ☎️ Bookings and any queries WhatsApp +65 85911557 Ola _____________________________________________ 🔹We’re located 3 min walk from Tanjong Pagar mrt: ⠀ 📍EON SHENTON 70 Shenton way 01-22 079118 📲Phone number 85911557 ⠀ 🌐Website

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Algunas prefieren un estilo makeup que requiere menos mantenimiento 🙂 Magic Shading

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Dimos un poco más de balance a la ceja ✨

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April Arambula B by A Studio

Bakersfield, California

I WILL FLY SO HIGH. THAT NO ONE WILL BE ABLE TO STOP ME. 🕊 @browsbyaprila 💕🌸🌵🌴☀️book your appt now text 6618649316 📲 take advantage of getting $100 off special this month of June is 350 includes perfection touch up 5 weeks after. Regular price $450 $50 dollars are require to secure your spot the day you book your appt. That amount will go to your remaining balance. if cancel the same day you will lose your $50 deposit. Text us If you have more questions. —————————————————— No seas la chica sin cejas en la esté Verano agenda tu cita ya 📲Manda texto a 6618649316 aprovecha el especial de $350 y ahorra $100 precio regular $450 💵 $50 de depósito son requeridos el día que se agenda la cita los $50 Van para tu cantidad restante de tu balance. El día de tu servicio. Si cancelas el mismo día perderás tu depósito. 📧 🕒 Procedimiento dura de 2 a 3 horas ✨Resultados varían dependiendo a tu tipo de vida tu tipo de piel y el cuidado que le darás a tus cejas después de tu cita. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . bybrankobabic

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