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Valiente Mott Injury Attorneys (@valientemottinjury) Instagram Profile Photo

Valiente Mott Injury Attorneys

For two months Mike has been waiting to hide in Tim’s coat closet to scare him. His day finally came and we’re pretty sure Tim peed a little. (Why is the video sideways you ask? Well, Nate Quist isn’t known for his videoing skills and we don’t know how to turn it. So you’re stuck with this!) . . . . law

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Richard Francis & Associates

Heritage Square Oxnard

Congratulations to Marcela Mendez, winner of the Char-Broil grill of our Fathers Day give away last Friday! Every Friday at 12pm listen to the órale radio show station 910 / 102.1 fm. Felicitaciones a Marcela Méndez, ganadora de la parrilla Char-Broil de nuestro Día del Padre rifa, el viernes pasado! Todos los viernes a las 12:00 pm, Escucha la estación de radio 910 / 102.1 fm. #personalinjurylaw

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R. Phoebe Lathan

I fight claims daily for clients, securing large settlements on personal injury claims. #PersonalInjuryLaw 📞 Call today

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Ryan McLane

Can your liability insurance carrier just drop you??? . Well, sort of - they can send you notice that they aren’t going to renew you policy, but unless you stop paying your premiums or commit some form of fraud, they generally have to fulfill their obligations for the remainder of the contract term. . This is frustrating, but happens quite frequently. . #personalinjurylaw

Rachel Frazier Johnson, Esq. (@rfjesq) Instagram Profile Photo

Rachel Frazier Johnson, Esq.

Laws governing medical negligence change from state to state, depending on the location of the facility and place of residence of the victim. It is, therefore, important that the victim liaises with a lawyer. Call us for a consultation: (602) 343-2700

Fernando Flores (@1fernandoflores) Instagram Profile Photo

Fernando Flores

Really excited to have gotten published yesterday! Very important wellness topic. Too often we think that chronic stress is just part of our job, but it doesn’t have to be. I hope you find the practical tips and strategies helpful, article link in Bio. Thanks for checking it out!

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Actually two scale s are being fabricated in order to effectively communicate where the gentleman entered the building. This a progress photo of the site plan built at 1”=12’-0” scale which will show the entire building at it’s under construction phase at the time of the accident. Viewing the overall site layout will effectively enable Jurors to understand how and why he entered the building where he did🏗 . . . law

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