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Alexandre T Carneiro (@webdesignusa) Instagram Profile Photo

Alexandre T Carneiro

Law Firm: Malman Law Highlights: Nice Practice Area Interface | Top Notch Awards Design Observations: This site really inspired me while studying its content. It oozes SEO content and provides the user's with digestible interfaces to consume it all. Check out the practice area section and notice just how much info that one area of design real estate can provide to users (and search engines). Another impressive aspect of this design is all the line art surrounding their content boxes. Subtle and effective. It's a nice repeatable design feature that ties it all together in an exciting way. Check out the lines surrounding the buttons and the CTA's and then look at the logo to see a perfect example of how a designer can carry branding throughout a web design. Designer: Unknown *** This was taken from our article on 11 inspiring law firm web designs. Find it on our website!!! 🤟🔥🤟🔥 . . . . #personalinjuryattorney

Valiente Mott Injury Attorneys (@valientemottinjury) Instagram Profile Photo

Valiente Mott Injury Attorneys

For two months Mike has been waiting to hide in Tim’s coat closet to scare him. His day finally came and we’re pretty sure Tim peed a little. (Why is the video sideways you ask? Well, Nate Quist isn’t known for his videoing skills and we don’t know how to turn it. So you’re stuck with this!) . . . . attorney

Daneshrad Law, PC (@daneshradlaw) Instagram Profile Photo

Daneshrad Law, PC

Los Angeles, California

In Blythe, CA, you are not permitted to wear cowboy boots unless you already own at least two cows. 🐮🐮 (*For informational purposes. Please check local ordinances for the current law)

The Herbert Law Firm (@herbertlawfirm) Instagram Profile Photo

The Herbert Law Firm

Chicago, Illinois

: Personal injury cases must be filed within a certain amount of time - each state has its own statute of limitations, but the time frame generally begins when the plaintiff incurs the injury. . . . . attorney

Innabi Law Group (@innabi_law) Instagram Profile Photo

Innabi Law Group

Claremont, California

We love our furry companions. 🐕 But not all dogs 🐶 are "good boys." Call Innabi Law Group if you have been bitten or attacked by a vicious dog. Personal Injury Attorneys 🏍🚲🚛🚗🚑 ‪2500 E. Colorado Blvd ‬ ‪Pasadena, CA 91107‬ ‪626-395-9555‬☎️ ‪‬ attorney Disclaimer: This post is a legal advertisement, and any comments provided does not create an attorney-client relationship

Rachel Frazier Johnson, Esq. (@rfjesq) Instagram Profile Photo

Rachel Frazier Johnson, Esq.

Laws governing medical negligence change from state to state, depending on the location of the facility and place of residence of the victim. It is, therefore, important that the victim liaises with a lawyer. Call us for a consultation: (602) 343-2700

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