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Day 1686: pens and inks and quotes. I’m exhausted. Heart meds and summer allergies are kicking my . #penaddict

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Michael Stabile

Meriden, Connecticut

Barriston capered and cavorted up and down the small beach, shouting gibberish and nonsense rhymes, cursing and accusing one of the four palms on the island of having stolen and hidden his only spoon. When the captain saw he had broken free of his wits, he spent 15 minutes watching the man breakdown through his spyglass, the slightest of grins tugging almost imperceptibly at the right side of his mouth. It wasn't necessary, the glass that is. We were no more than 500 feet from the man. All could see the effects of the captain's sentence, and hear it. All save Barriston presumably. Captain Corvista must have wanted an exceptionally close look as the sun hammered the man against the anvil of the tiny island. Fourty five paces at its widest, it shrugged from the sea, looking almost momentary. A strange mistake in all the blue. Soon enough however, the captain collapsed his instrument and gave orders that we head south at full sail. The demonstration of the wages of treason aboard his ship apparently illustrated to his satisfaction, he decided it was a waste to linger here overlong. #penaddict

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Blondie And The Beard

Common Good Cafe & Social House

I took a macramé class with the talented Courtney from a couple weeks back @commongoodcafe 🙋🏼‍♀️ Naturally, I accidentally made a pen holder 🤷🏼‍♀️

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Tailored Pen Company

~~~ Finished ~~~ Nope this isn’t the same one as a couple posts back. It’s another request for this blank and this style. This Ascher is custom cast by myself @ with a Jowo Broad addict

Well... With my birthday month shopping spree coming to a close, as today is my birthday, it ends with the gifts my husband picked up for me! This month has been great and the cart is in one of my favorite colors! 🥰 #penaddict

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