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Everyone loves a caption, but it’s not always guaranteed.

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Posted @withrepost@la.cuba.ricua (You can make edgy jokes and all but not when it comes to . I got a little sister and little cousin I’ll smack the out of this if he was ever around them. And it’s funny that I’m seeing all these left wing media sights DEFEND his tweets goes to show you what actions they really condone and don’t . Sick bastard!) This guy does Disney movies! Wtf is going on? And he's been saying this openly since 2013??? Wtf! #pedophelia

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Miz Nam Iz Warlock

Just bcuz da kid iz fictonal doez not meen it iz ok 2 lewd dem!!!! It iz stil pedofilic!! Loliz r rong!! Do not lewd dem even if dey r not reel!!! + jst bcuz dey r almost da age of cunsent still doeznt make it rite!!! It juzt influeses pedofilic behaveor!!! Dont b creepie!!

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Confessions of a Meme Freak

That's interesting ~Androgyne #pedophelia

What would u do if u found me in your bed tonight 😉 #pedophelia

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