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PCOS Fitness & Lifestyle (@pcosfitnesslifestyle) Instagram Profile Photo

PCOS Fitness & Lifestyle

Here is the Recipe for the healthy bars but I replace the flour and oats with Gluten free items and I used unsweetened coconut milk. I going make pumpkin 🎃ones next ❤️ sucks

PCOS Sister (@pcossister) Instagram Profile Photo

PCOS Sister

Mid-week reminder! Our mental health affects our physical health. Make sure both are in a good state✨

Jacqueline Snow (@84snowpeas) Instagram Profile Photo

Jacqueline Snow

I've been craving hot wings for a while now but I only want the flavor not the chicken. Well thanks to @lantanafoods medium heat buffalo hummus and @tostitos restaurant style tortilla chips, craving is satisfied. . . . . . sucks

abigail nevitt, ms (@absnevitt) Instagram Profile Photo

abigail nevitt, ms

Biltmore Fashion Park

Happiness is smiling so big that you have a double chin but you’re so happy that you don’t care And that’s what my team has done for me They’ve brought me joy, happiness, fulfillment and a sense of purpose There’s absolutely nothing better than helping others accomplish their goals So why are you waiting, what’s holding you back? Let’s get that smile this big 😂🤗

Ingrid Garcia (@getfitwingrid3.0) Instagram Profile Photo

Ingrid Garcia

*Update Post* I have been taking these supplements since April for my PCOS. I had my yearly doctors visit yesterday and my doctor was impressed on how well I’ve been managing my symptoms so i show him the bottle of @alaninutrition Balance and he gave me a high 5! On another note im finally starting to ovulated too😭😭. My period have been normal with no birth control ( first time in my life) and Although im not looking to have kids anytime soon, i was relieved that my is starting to function the way it suppose to for when im ready to have kids. Not only have these supplements help manage my PCOS symptoms, its also help with my skin because i stay glowing 💫 sucks

Jessica Harrison (@fatbottomgirlfitness) Instagram Profile Photo

Jessica Harrison

I love summer! Summer means fresh homegrown veggies from my bestie’s grandma! I’m recently adjusting to a more Paleo way of life and it isn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I’m eating more like 3 meals a day and 2 protein shakes in place of snacks which works for me and I think my meds are finally the right combo to keep my emotions and appetite in check! We may be looking at a whole new me soon! Pictured is 4 eggs fried in 1 tsp avocado oil, a fresh cucumber with pink sea salt and pepper, and strawberries! And I’m on 64oz of water at 9:30am! Today will go splendidly! Now, if we can get this thing called sleep under control, we might be on to something! sucks

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