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SWIPE LEFT 👈🏽 I don’t smile a lot in pictures, but I do smile everyday. I’m learning to smile a lot more in picture as well. However, it did indeed take me a while to smile everyday. I had to put in the work, A LOT OF work just to get to the peace of mind that I reside in. I remember the days that I didn’t smile, when I was so down and out and depressed. I was going through a lot that’s I won’t go into now, but soon I will to help others. But I wore pain on my sleeve like it was a uniform. I drowned in puddles of tears that I created on my pillow..... . . BUT NOW everything is different, different in a good way.. you know? I’m in a better space now, a real better space now and this time it’s not for show... I really love the positive space that I’m a resident in and I’m never putting the peace I reside in for sale...I also love how much I’ve been progressing in life and how hard I’ve been working. Its amazing how far I’ve come and I can only go up from here. 🌷 . . I know this is a lengthy post, but I hope this post inspired someone to keep pushing in spite of your adversity because there is definitely a rainbow after the rain. God will make room for you & he’ll give you joy for pain. Y’all stay up and stay beautiful, because God will intervene.🙏🏽 . . Also had the pleasure of working with with someone so gifted, with surplus energy; good vibes, and a beautiful spirit. She’s amazing. The whole team is amazing too. Shout out to the lovely @simplymimi25 who captured these moments on set.📸 . #NY

Pattrada Sirikul (@sirikul.p) Instagram Profile Photo sirikul.p

Pattrada Sirikul

image by Pattrada Sirikul (@sirikul.p) with caption : "Regrann from @ seng_khonkaen -  แม่ๆมาให้กำลังใจลูกสาว-ลูกชาย ❤😁 #nadech #urassayas #ny  @ keaw_jung @ urassayas @aodchi" - 1742211953806544765
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Regrann from @ seng_khonkaen - แม่ๆมาให้กำลังใจลูกสาว-ลูกชาย ❤😁 #ny @ keaw_jung @ urassayas @aodchiangmai -