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Leonam Barbosa

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Sarah @ New Thing Nurse

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Ashley Norris

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Aileen Ladera-Garpida

When I'm asked (preggy days) if I'm going to breastfeed my baby, I would always say yes! In a heartbeat, without a doubt! We think this is the best, though not everyone gets to have the privilege and ability to do it. And it actually is. The very fact alone that God created this along with the female body, is azing. I can't even understand even until now (every nursing and pumping sesh). But. . .when I gave birth, the struggle that comes along with breastfeeding is real. It wasn't easy. Akala ko dati isasalpak mo lang yung dede mo sa baby okay na. Hindi pala. 😭 I first questioned if I can actually produce milk because he doesn't seem satisfied and would keep crying through the night yung gusto mo na ding sabayan. 😅 I started to get sore and wounded. Sometimes engorged and couldn't sleep with the . It was so ful there wasn't a day I would never thought of just giving up. There were times I would cry while feeding my baby, looking at him, feeling sorry. It even ce a point I traumatized whenever he is about to wake up and is about to have the next feed. 😭 Carving out a brand new normal with this little one for almost 3 months now is humbling. It was sanctifying. Yes, it is for sure hard. Never thought it to be this hard. And no book will ever prepare us for it. But thanks to people around me and a lifetime partner that is very supportive and kept on encouraging me, praying for me. And the Lord, for sustaining the strength both physically and emotionally. Twas a roller coaster of emotions & lots of tears shed. 😭😅 This happy MOM(ents), I will forever be grateful for. Still and will always be in awe of God and His grace, for creating this kind of bond. 😍😭🤱 Every. Feeding. Time. Strike anytime, anywhere.

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WR Health & Social Care

When Darius was offered a new position we thought "how can we make this special?" So Marlee, his consultant sent him this video to congratulate him🥳👨‍⚕️🎊🎉 #nursing

So I look like I’m channeling my inner S Club 7 today... but I’m loving it! I very rarely wear crop tops but as the jeans are so high waisted I can get away with it. I also use these to sleep in sometimes too 🙈 So the jeans and crop top are of course, @primark as per usual! Easy pull down to feed or if you’re a little more discreet you can always pull the top up to cover the rest of your whilst comes down. feeding feedingfashion feedingoutfit #nursing

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