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MIRRECO™️ (@mirrecogroup) Instagram Profile Photo


Fremantle, Western Australia

In our humble opinion anyone who suggests there are 50,000+ uses for are wildly optimistic. Our new 'Hempfographic' (here in Hi-Res) captures what we believe are the primary contenders... fographic plastic oil #netzero

Ethical Lifer (@ethical_lifer) Instagram Profile Photo

Ethical Lifer

Don't get me wrong, it was tragic to see Notre Dame on fire, but we really need to start thinking about priorities of where we invest money. I'm not suggesting we shouldn't fix Notre Dame, but this is a perfect example of frivolous decisions that are made on what is and isn't acceptable to spend money on. British politicians are criticising the £1tn bill attached to the UK going net zero by 2050 yet in the same breath are wasting millions every week on this Brexit clown show that's going on. We need to start prioritising our future. It just doesn't add up 🤷🏼‍♀️

Live Wire Electric (@livewire_group) Instagram Profile Photo

Live Wire Electric

One of our latest projects by @3leafsgroup! Environmentally responsible homes have never looked so good! #netzero

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Please Follow & Share💚

what a great step to take! this project could make 175 million trees to be planted each year with is a huge improvement as trees do such a good job of cleaning our air!! well done Philippines!!🌿🌱👏🏼 credit: • • • • • • • • #netzero

Brite Homes (@britehomes) Instagram Profile Photo

Brite Homes

Wouldn't you love a master bathroom that looks like this? 😍⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #netzero

Victory ICF (@victoryicf) Instagram Profile Photo

Victory ICF

Elora, Ontario

First floor deck is on and we're onto the main floor walls... ICF right to the roof on this #netzero home . . . . . . . . . #netzero

NeoCity Academy (@neocityacademy) Instagram Profile Photo

NeoCity Academy

NeoCity FL

Our solar installation began this morning. Our school will feature over 600 panels making us the first #NetZero school in the State of Florida. The operational cost savings will help @osceolaschoolsfl to pay back the investment within 3 years.

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