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Dave Wood Photography (@davewoodphoto) Instagram Profile Photo

Dave Wood Photography


Zilly Lilly (@zillylilly) Instagram Profile Photo

Zilly Lilly

Blue Mountain Village

Last night was a fun wig change mid show 😬🥴😐🙀 Thank you @zairagaudio for the extreme assist! #nerdlesque


Miu Lunatique (@miulunatique) Instagram Profile Photo

Miu Lunatique

Boston, Massachusetts

Time to get back home or to one of my homes. To Netherlands in this case. With my overweight luggage, thanks Walmart 😆 I will miss Boston so much but I hope I will come back soon. But Europe, see ya in a sec!!! (Still looking for an apartment in Amsterdam/Utrecht, please keep your eyes open for available homes 💋) Pic by @erkkipyrro 🖤 from the Punk Rockin and Pastie Poppin show #nerdlesque


Kali Fornication (@kali.fornication) Instagram Profile Photo

Kali Fornication

@lesilverkitsune is a master!! Working on some amazing things with wonderful people this entire weekend and it is so exhilarating!! #nerdlesque


Crescent Moon Nerdlesque (@crescent_moon_nerdlesque) Instagram Profile Photo

Crescent Moon Nerdlesque

Crescent Moon Nerdlesque is thrilled to announce some changes to our weekly nerdlesque revue's frequency and show times at Otherworld Theatre! . Beginning July 6th, our show will be every 1st, 3rd, and 5th Saturdays of the month. On July 6th and 20th, the show will stay at it's regularly scheduled 11pm time slot. . In August, the show will move to a slightly earlier time of 10:30pm, in addition to this new frequency of 1st, 3rd and 5th Saturdays. . After an exciting first year of successful weekly shows, we came to this decision as a solution to make the show more accessible, and to give us as producers more time to curate even higher quality and inclusive shows for our community. . We hope you will join us this summer for our upcoming themed shows as we gear up to celebrate our 1-year Anniversary in August! Thank you for your continued support - we are looking forward to a prosperous future of nerdlesque! . Stay sexy, nerds! . Your nerdtastic production team, Foxie la Fleur, Minnie Barre and Otherworld Theatre . #nerdlesque


Dawn DrapeHer (@dawn.drapeher) Instagram Profile Photo

Dawn DrapeHer

New Orleans, Louisiana

Happy Daddy’s day! I hope y’all all know by now that the only way to celebrate is with @thesocietyofsin & Stripped Into Submission 🎉 If you’re lucky you might even get a good paddling from Grandpa 👴🏻


Steven Zakari (@stevenlovesboa) Instagram Profile Photo

Steven Zakari

Want to see more of my garbage life? ➡️ @stevenlovesBoA •
I'm so friggen proud of this year's AFTER HOURS! We all worked so hard and put so much effort into making this year's experience the best one yet! The jokes are plentiful, the burlesque is total delish, and the cocktails will keep you feeling like Sister Mary Patrick in that one montage scene in Sister Act when she’s hardcore dancing it the frig out with all of the youths! I KNOW IT WAS A MOUTHFUL BUT YOU KNOW WHAT EXACTLY WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT. And if you don’t, you /really/ need to go watch Sister Act because you’re really missing out on a true treasure. •
If you're going to @animeexpo, I hope to see you at their premier night time spectacular, AFTER HOURS! IT’S GONNA BE FABULOUS, DAWLINGS! KISS KISS MUAW MUAW!!•
 #nerdlesque • •
CAST: @ladymekaella @marcellaraya @some_dancer @lizzycastmoves and YOURS TRULY!




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