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Chris Morgan (@wetplates) Instagram Profile Photo

Chris Morgan

Guess what I worked on today?!?. . . . . Nope, not wetplate....I rarely, very rarely wear gloves for that. I’m all about feeling the process, the warmth, the wet, the stains.... But ya gotta wear gloves when working on the cars. Changed out the tie rod ends, rear shocks and shock mounts on the Mazda 5. I even installed some duct tape and a zip tie to make it JoCo (and to better hold up the shock boot). #needashop



Deez Chevies (@gmdeez) Instagram Profile Photo

Deez Chevies

Surrey, British Columbia

I have all these body kit pieces that came off the donor truck that looked really good, just need a sandblast and a fresh coat of paint. People may be wondering what happened to the terrible 20s that came on the blue 91, I traded them for a Lund front visor and a Lund racerback spoiler that I think are going to look really cool. Just need to find a roll pan, a pin on fibreglass hood and maybe some flairs for the fenders. Got to turn them tires to Johnnie's.What do you guys think? #needashop


Found this shelving unit and dolly on the side of the road. Cleaned it up and found a home now for my miter saw. Will need a bigger workshop soon. #needashop


The Little Boutique (@thelittleboutique66) Instagram Profile Photo

The Little Boutique

Loving the Cream & Black combination, unfortunately I’ve got a new table & chairs so it’s got to go ! #needashop



JBalzer The Farmers Daughter (@jill_balzer75_farmersdaughter) Instagram Profile Photo

JBalzer The Farmers Daughter

I’m kinda regretting that my dining table project is taking up prime real estate in my garage? It’s almost May for crying out loud! Who else has weird spring weather? #needashop ❄️ ?


Judd Welte (@juddwelte) Instagram Profile Photo

Judd Welte

🇺🇸Asphalt weekend🇺🇸 💪Practice tomorrow and racing Saturday night at @kernraceway . @racerbrody818 is pumped🏁🇺🇸 😂 #needashop 🤪


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