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Patrick. Jnr (@patrickegtt) Instagram Profile Photo patrickegtt

Patrick. Jnr


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It has been over a month since my mom had major heart surgery, a triple bypass. I shared my thoughts and fears with you all when she was going in for surgery on January 7th 2018 and I have to thank you all again for the love, kind words and prayers that came pouring in, wishing my mom all the best! Mom has been home over 3 weeks now but isn’t doing as well as she should, having us and the doctors worried as she has not been eating properly, or walking enough. This, has led to the long cut on her leg not healing properly, with the doctors insisting on what were daily visits for the cut to be cleaned and dressed as the risk was high for infection. Slowly would be the most appropriate word to describe her convalescence, even though it feels like one step forward and two steps back most days! I continue to pray, we all do for my mom and for my dad who has been taking care of her and fulfilling all her requests, so much so that I worry for him now! They are both now exhausted and to make matters worse, down with the flu. Anyway my friends that is it for now, thanks to all of you who have publicly and privately messaged me to offer prayers and send positive vibes our way. Thank you again for allowing me to share on a more personal note, Bless you all. #mymummy

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Maia Lily Carmody


image by Maia Lily Carmody (@maiacarmody) with caption : "Hair goals 👧 #mymummy #ineedmorehair #baldy #coldhead" - 1720669191865227584
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Hair goals 👧 #mymummy


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Although have had this video from GRW Conference Sept but was shying to post😁 but I knew the shyness wee disappear 22nd Feb on my Mentor's Bday 💃💃💃💃who also happens to be my Mummmmyyyyy🙌 Am forever glad to be called your daughter ® Mummy taught us to pray for our husbands when we were in 200 level 4am we don gather different session 120 hours we were praying ® We didn't have husbands Many of us were very single ® But today many are married to awesome men and many are about to marry ® 7 years later I come online having left IFE I see Ladies beckoning on other Ladies through various means and platform to pray for their Husbands © I wish Ladies can see the gem of this flow! Ladies pray prophetic prayers for your life oh © Mummy would tell us to lay hands on our tummy and we would pray Conception stage Pregnancy phase Delivery stage We received our babies while still in school we don even dey Sabi their names and destiny Mummy took us into that flow... © Many come with testimonies how they spent brief moments in delivery room due to pile of prophetic prayers ® Mummmmyyyyy!!! You have no idea what you have done to me oh Your impact over me can never be erased ® ® Mummy's desire for more of God and the miraculous is 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I cried one meeting just looking at how she desires Daddy I went home to do review on my own walk ® Your love and heart is largeeeee ® Your passion to see ladies fulfill their purpose is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 That is why Mummy would not allow you marry just any how.... She understands that your purpose is so linked to who you marry Many words to say Mummy But truly this is a woman worth celebrating #MyMummy#