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Jenner, California

Happy National Pollinator Week! 🦋

Ashley Lohr 👩‍🦰 (@ginga_ninja30) Instagram Profile Photo

Ashley Lohr 👩‍🦰

Apple Orchard Falls Trail

Thanks to @inaturalistorg, I learned that this bright caterpillar🐛 is the larval stage of the Georgian Prominent moth (Hyperaeschra georgica), a member of the Notodontidae family (prominent moths) within the Order Lepidoptera (moths & butterflies) 🦋. • This species occurs in deciduous forests 🌳 throughout most of the U.S. except for the Pacific Northwest. 🐛Larvae are present from 📆 ~June--October and feed on oak leaves (Quercus spp.), which is what I found this one on! 😄 I carefully moved this guy off the trail so (s)he wouldn't get stepped on. • • • s

Heather @ Project Pinup (@projectpinup) Instagram Profile Photo

Heather @ Project Pinup

Check out my newest video on my youtube channel! #moths

Casey's Outdoor Solutions (@caseysoutdoorsolutions) Instagram Profile Photo

Casey's Outdoor Solutions

National Pollinator Week Post . The hummingbird moth is more closely related to butterflies than hummingbirds, but are just as effective pollinators as hummingbirds. Lantana plants are a great source of nectar for these unique insects. #moths

Will County Forest Preserve (@willcoforests) Instagram Profile Photo

Will County Forest Preserve

If you like moths, you'll love this photo of a Virginia ctenucha moth we came across at Laughton Preserve. (Photo by Matt Ruhter) #moths

Galadriel Lawrence (@ninshaglass) Instagram Profile Photo

Galadriel Lawrence

Seriously have you seen this? I think it is just born. His wings were floppy like velvet, pink!!! And bright orange under . Never seen anything like it, in our forest or #moths

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