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KylaGagnon (@kyla_fit) Instagram Profile Photo kyla_fit



#mondaymotivation from my Tucker. September 2016 tuck had a fall out of the truck... seemed fine, shook it off and continued on. We have him he full pay down to see if anything was bothering him... he seemed fine. Over the course of a few days he began showing signs of something bothering him, yelps here and there, lifting one foot off the ground, full pay down and always nothing, he seemed fine . (rewind 2 months and 4 months) Tuck had been snoozing on my bed all day when I picked him up to snuggle and he began flailing in the most bizarre way. His hind legs kept splaying open and he could stand. He would fall over sideways and his head was twitching repeatedly to the left. I rushed him to the vet and they told me he’d eaten POT. I insisted he didn’t but hey insisted he did. Hours later he was normal and we went home. Maybe 2 months later same thing happened ... we were visiting my dad and the dogs were playing in the yard when all of a sudden Tucker’s legs flipped out from under him and the splatting began again. Back to vet hospital, he’d eaten pot again..... so they told me. HE FOR SURE HADN’T. I asked at this point if it could be neurological? Could it be his back?? As a I know it’s common... NO HE ATE POT!!! Now back to the main story. About 5 days post fall he woke me up in the middle of the night screaming. Back to vet hospital (same one the whole time FYI) After doing an x-ray I was told he had some calcification on his spine which was inflamed and to give him this new medication and that he should be fine within 5 to 7 days. We got home about 3 AM went back to sleep and by 6 PM he was about 75% paralyzed Back we went, and was told he would need surgery, but that it would take a couple of days as the technician in charge of the scan would want to wait a few days to make sure he didn’t recover on his own. So we headed to Vancouver next morning and had surgery that day. His recovery was incredibly fast. We were told it could take a few days until he would be able to pee on his own (which is the sign that you can take them home ) he peed on day one!!!! 3 months of learning to walk. And now look at him❤️❤️

Fix Elixir (@fixelixir) Instagram Profile Photo fixelixir

Fix Elixir


Instagram Image by Fix Elixir (@fixelixir) with caption : "Succulents are our favourite decorative plants! 🌵🌱🌵🌱What’s yours?" at Nanaimo, British Columbia - 1739531542109590643

Succulents are our favourite decorative plants! 🌵🌱🌵🌱What’s yours?

Hippie Runner®️ 🦄👟✌🏼 (@hippierunners) Instagram Profile Photo hippierunners

Hippie Runner®️ 🦄👟✌🏼

image by Hippie Runner®️ 🦄👟✌🏼 (@hippierunners) with caption : "💕💪🏼She is fierce! Tap the pic for yours! 
#Repost @sabrinadematteo_
All 3 of my trainings sold out the day they were" - 1739531231571332135
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💕💪🏼She is fierce! Tap the pic for yours! @sabrinadematteo_ ・・・ All 3 of my trainings sold out the day they were released to the public 🙏🏽😭 The waiting list is also full from what I heard ... Is this real life?? Me? The little girl that failed gym and was always picked last for teams? 😢😳 . Things change. People change. I’ve changed. ❤️ . My sessions will continue in Kuwait for 3 more weeks, but my passion for helping people reach their goals continues to be global. . If you are in the 🇺🇸 🇨🇦 🇬🇧, and would like to work together, reach out or post below. I gotchu 😘 @hippierunners . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #mondaymotivation

Dontforgetyemen (@dontforgetyemen) Instagram Profile Photo dontforgetyemen


image by Dontforgetyemen (@dontforgetyemen) with caption : "LINK IN THE BIO. Come on social media, lets help those who are in dire need of help. None of you truly believes until he" - 1739531218753609049
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LINK IN THE BIO. Come on social media, lets help those who are in dire need of help. None of you truly believes until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself.” [Bukhari & Muslim] LINK IN BIO. in . Does the world even care? Does humanity even care? The world continues to watch whilst yemen is dying a slow death. Yemen needs help. #mondaymotivation