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Jermaine Riley (@jermaine_riley) Instagram Profile Photo

Jermaine Riley

Life Coach Priyanka Nagpal (@lifecoachpriyankanagpal) Instagram Profile Photo

Life Coach Priyanka Nagpal

اِستَنفورد آمریکا🇺🇸 (@premier_akbari) Instagram Profile Photo

اِستَنفورد آمریکا🇺🇸

John Pielli (@johnpielli) Instagram Profile Photo

John Pielli

As if you did not know, some examples of questionable umpiring in this season. #mistakes

🐎Equestrian 🐎 (@murtle_equines) Instagram Profile Photo

🐎Equestrian 🐎

Riding yogi last Sunday 😍 Explanation of what happened Monday On Monday I was lunging yogi 🐻 in the field 🌳and he spooked 😳 at ran across the field I was dragged behind him because if I let go we would be able to catch him😢 So I held on I was ok just a bit sore and stiff yogi 🐻 also tried to jump the fence but failed ❌ he now has a small cut on his chest /man (as I call them 😂) we r both fine and will make a full recovery 💗 This is just a learning curve and we all learn from are mistakes 🙂this is just a little hiccup and I'm gonna lunge or ride him Friday 😘 #mistakes

Wealth Sense (@wealthsense) Instagram Profile Photo

Wealth Sense

Wasting time can be detrimental in the long run. Do the right thing for the right reasons and you won’t have any issues. Take advantage of the opportunities presented to you! 💡 . Follow @wealthsense for more! ✅

TYGO 198VII | Menswear & Bike (@tygo_198vii) Instagram Profile Photo

TYGO 198VII | Menswear & Bike

Los Angeles, California

Have you made a mistake? I have, and many times. But I don’t repeat them, as long as you admit and face your mistakes, otherwise they just keep coming back. #mistakes . ——————————— 💇‍♂️ @liembarbershop . 👔 @arizonajeanco . 👖 @levis . 👟 @puma . . . . . .

Professional Resume Services (@executiveresumes) Instagram Profile Photo

Professional Resume Services

"I've learned it's important not to limit yourself. You can do whatever you really love to do, no matter what it is." Ryan Gosling . . . #mistakes

Giorgia Di Simone (@giorgiadi_simone) Instagram Profile Photo

Giorgia Di Simone

"Ci sono quelli che si condannano al grigiore della vita più mediocre perché hanno avuto un dolore, una sfortuna; ma ci sono anche quelli che lo fanno perché hanno avuto più fortuna di quella che si sentivano di reggere." Italo Calvino . #mistakes

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