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HS Security Swiss (@hsswiss) Instagram Profile Photo

HS Security Swiss

Lugano, Switzerland

HS Security Swiss è IMPORTATORE e DISTRIBUTORE di target tridimensionali. Scelti come elementi di fondamentale importanza nell'addestramento del tiro operativo, permettono di creare scenari realistici ma soprattutto, attraverso l'aquisizione dell' immagine 3D, consentono di comprendere le dinamiche reali dell'azione svolta. Questo e molto altro ancora, rende i target tridimensionali estremamente utili negli ambienti operativi. 🔝🇨🇭 ... 🔺HS Security Swiss offre la possibilità di: ✔️ aquistare il target nelle sue diverse configurazioni ✔️ noleggiare il target per l'utilizzo durante i propri allenamenti ✔️ acquistarlo o noleggiarlo con il corso HS Swiss, che ne spiega le caratteristiche di utilizzo Per info: +41 (0)775398301 ... #militaryarms

Florida’s Native Riff-Raff (@flcracker407) Instagram Profile Photo

Florida’s Native Riff-Raff

Gettin’ to play with neat toys like this is easily the coolest part of the job! Browning 1919A4 “machine gun” built by Allied Armament. 30cal semi-auto (I know, I know... at least it’s still belt fed...) Haven’t had time yet to sort if it’s 30-06 or 308, might even have a barrel of each 😁 #militaryarms

BROWE Inc (@broweinc) Instagram Profile Photo


The 4x32 BROWE Tactical Optic (BTO) has a Military-Grade forged Aircraft Aluminum-Alloy housing that offers Target Light Sensor Techology that detects and measures Target light transmission and automatically adjusts the reticle illumination. It’s build with the highest quality precision grade materials and features SCHOTT Glass, @flir etched mirror reticle and the @americandefensemfg patented Quick Detached Lever System. Check our website for more details. @ar15news arms

Tanner Bell (@tannermac97) Instagram Profile Photo

Tanner Bell

“Jesus christ! take the picture quickly take it, take it!” #militaryarms

DEFINITIVE ARMS (@definitivearms) Instagram Profile Photo


Definitive Arms is proud to announce that our AKM4 adapters were the top choice of @kalashnikovusa to be featured on their KOMRAD 12gauge firearms. The Komrad is a Non-NFA firearm featuring the @sb.tactical SBA3 installed via the @definitivearms AKM4 AKM/74 adapter. The AKM4 series of adapters are the strongest, lightest, and most compact adapters on the market. With their ease of install and rock solid performance, they are the perfect choice for the KOMRAD firearm and all your AK to M4 stock/brace needs. @definitive_arms @definitivearms @militaryarms AKM4 adapters and other DA parts available through such retailers as: @akoperatorsunionlocal4774 @coppercustom @atlanticfirearms @supplying_patriots @michigan_akm_owners Small mom and pop shops throughout the country And through us at

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