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The Trump Impeachment (@thetrumpimpeachment) Instagram Profile Photo thetrumpimpeachment

The Trump Impeachment


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🖤 Jayne 🖤


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✨ Bella Speaks Her Heart ✨

image by ✨ Bella Speaks Her Heart ✨ (@bella.speaks.her.heart) with caption : "The #Equifax #breach was even worse than we thought. The company recently announced that #hackers accessed more of #Amer" - 1715630753348585203
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The was even worse than we thought. The company recently announced that accessed more of ’ personal information than previously revealed. . Equifax’s comes on the heels of a scathing new report from Sen. . The report reveals the reporting company’s failures before, during and after the breach, including attempting to off the . The damning indictment arrives even as ’s hand-picked head of the , #MickMulvaney, is sabotaging his own agency’s effort to punish Equifax. . “We’re unveiling this report while Mick Mulvaney is killing the agency’s into the Equifax breach,” Sen. Warren said, “Mick Mulvaney shoots another middle finger at consumers.” She warned that if we don't act, Equifax is “going to wiggle off the hook.” . Sen. Warren has introduced to crack down on credit reporting companies like Equifax, impose mandatory penalties and protect ’ personal data. Now, she needs our help. . Stand with Sen. Warren: Crack down on credit reporting companies like Equifax. . to : "Crack down on the out-of-control credit reporting agencies like Equifax that put Americans’ personal data at risk. Support the and , which would install new safeguards and mandatory penalties, and the Freedom from Equifax Exploitation () Act, which would protect people and give them more power over their information." . Add your name: . .

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News Bling

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Can’t we just have a Pikachu Parade? • Budget Director Mick Mulvaney told Congress that Trump’s military parade could cost anywhere from $10 million to upwards of $30 million. Supporters, which include VP Mike Pence, say it’s a great way to show love to the military and our veterans. Critics, including some Republicans, believe that it would be a waste of time and money that could be used to DIRECTLY benefit vets. What do you think? Tell us your thoughts! • #mickmulvaney

image by Jess (@jwarn23) with caption : "I made a thing.

#AshWednesday #MickMulvaney #youlookridiculous" - 1715354643489848053
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I made a thing. #MickMulvaney