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In an unusual move, Metal Gear Survive charges its players for extra save slots. First noticed on reddit and verified by us, if you want to create a new save slot beyond the first, you'll need to fork out "1000 SV Coins". SV Coins are an in-game currency which can only be purchased with real money. . Basically, once the 'New Game' option is clicked, and assuming one save game already exists, you'll be met with this message: . At the time of writing the cost of 1150 SV Coins is US$9.99. Meanwhile, 30 SV Coins are currently gifted with every daily login. Here's the full breakdown of ways to acquire these coins: . 100 SV coins - $0.99 550 SV coins - $4.99 1150 SV coins - $9.99 3500 SV coins - $29.99 6000 SV coins - $49.99 . You'll note that "playing the game" isn't among these options, because it isn't an option. Aside from the log-in bonuses, SV Coins can only be acquired with real world money. Which means, if you happened to want two characters on the go in MGS, then you have to pay up. Survive . Source: PC Gamer

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image by 🎮Gaming&Technology Offers🖥🕹 (@gaming_technology_offers) with caption : "🔥 Metal Gear Survive: €35.99 ➡️ Link in Bio🔥  #mgs #metalgearsolid #metalgearsurvive #games #pcgaming #pcgames #offer #i" - 1720928847796316952
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🔥 Metal Gear Survive: €35.99 ➡️ Link in Bio🔥 #metalgearsurvive

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ちょっとずつできること増えてくるのは楽しいよね #metalgearsurvive