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EngineeredToSucceed (@engineeredtosucceed) Instagram Profile Photo


While you are testing your gear and getting squared away open up your ifaq and check the expiration dates... replace items accordingly. I know medical is not to a lot of you guys but living to see another day is pretty important to me... #MedicalGear

BlondeNikitactical🇨🇿 (@blondenikitactical) Instagram Profile Photo


Dnes jsem dostala dáreček! Krásný,když chlapi myslí i na mě a dostanu něco do tacticool výbavy. DĚKUJU! 😁 @sichtourniquet Výhradní dovozce pro ČR 😎 . #medicalgear

Brown Coat Tactical, LLC (@browncoattactical) Instagram Profile Photo

Brown Coat Tactical, LLC

Our RATs Accessory Storage Sleeve (RATsASS) is a convenient way to carry critical medical equipment. It can be put anywhere without getting tangled and is easy to access and implement. There’s no excuse to not carry at least basic trauma supplies wherever you go. . . . . . #medicalgear

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