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Jr Manzano

My op-ed/poem from this week’s Dispatch, “Ode To Mauna Kea”

He did something cool!!! ❤️. Posted HERE YOU FOLKS GO!! DA MUSIC VIDEO IS HERE!!! So much hewa in the ko hawaii pae aina, but we are able to turn that into a positive! First and foremost I wanted to mahalo the frontline aloha aina warriors that inspire me and this song, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!! 💥32 For The Fake State💥 now up on YouTube, LINK IN DA BIO PLEASE SHARE IF YOU FEEL Beat by @dj_rybe_beats #maunakea

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Seth Gehrke

Mauna Kea Summit

Mauna Kea light trails

Aloha Kākou! Bring your own shirts, bags, fabric/paper to print on! Time to mauna up! I love block printing, because like screen printing, the art can be cheaply and quickly reproduced for the people. Because of the time it takes to carve the details, each print is embedded with the prayers and memories of the time, people and space surrounding while being carved. Sunday, July 7th 10am-2pm. The Farmers' Market at Hāmākua Harvest, Honoka'a Do you have screen prints, or block prints, or other art you want to share for the mauna? Are you an artist who wants to team up for signs, banners, projects, designs? DM me to be looped in with other artists. "Join Hilo-based artist Katy Benjamin to learn the basics of linoleum block printing. She will demonstrate the tools and techniques needed for this specific style of print-making as well as offer prints. Farm produce and T-shirts/art prints will be available for sale. Printing on your own materials will be free as long as time and supplies last (donations accepted)." #maunakea

WE ARE MAUNAKEA CELEB SUPPORT GRACIAS USTEDES LOL ( trip them out for fun) @nicolescherzinger @prideofgypsies WITH THEIR POWERS COMBINE WE GOT GAME OF THRONES MOANA WITH THE BLESSING AND CURSE OF U WISHING YOUR GIRLFRIDN LOOK HOT LIKE ME ONE THE WHITE MOUNTAIN. Lighten up have FUN! SUPPORT SOVEREIGN NATIONS THEY DESERVE BETTER FROM US . NO EXCUSE YOUTH DEMOCRATS OF GHETTHO KID AMERICA @barackobama WE NOT IGNORANT LIKE PARENTS HUH TIME WE CHANGE. We was over discrimination like years ago already. JEALOUSY ASIDE FOR FAUR JUSTICE FOR ALL. Real guys all these movement you guys practically reach peaks now it’s time to adopt another cause or combine our powers to one big education instagram movement page. I did that one. Ok YouTube we are maunakea watch krazy Hawaiian on the mountain. No trip ohana they get krazy in their kulture too and they know. ENJOY TRANSPARENCY TAKE PREJUDICES ASIDE FOR THE CHANGING THE FUTURE FOR OUR DAMN SELVES #maunakea

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