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Loveall Tactical (@loveall_tactical) Instagram Profile Photo

Loveall Tactical

Situation unfolding next door, multiple counties PD involved. House was breached and suspect is in custody, no shots fired. # #magpul

Tactical Solutions (@tacticalsolutionsltd) Instagram Profile Photo

Tactical Solutions

We’re excited about the SRO landing! Keep your eyes out. The new Trijicon SRO fits most popular red-dot-ready pistols. Plus, it offers the exact same footprint as the RMR and a top loading battery.

Royce V (@roycewv) Instagram Profile Photo

Royce V

United States

New EDC light, the @surefire_llc Stiletto! Loving it so far. Going to post up some more pictures with a review and comparison between my old light the @streamlightinc Protac 1L-1AA, also an awesome option!⁣ ⁣⁣ .⁣⁣ -@sigsauerinc P365⁣⁣ -@tier1concealed Axis Slim Holster ⁣⁣ -@surefire_llc Stiletto ⁣⁣ -@benchmadeknifecompany 915 Triage ⁣⁣ -@magpul DAKA Everyday Wallet ⁣⁣ -@suunto Core⁣⁣ . ⁣⁣⁣ #magpul ⁣⁣⁣

Ammo Supply Warehouse (@ammosupplywarehouse) Instagram Profile Photo

Ammo Supply Warehouse

Ammo Supply Warehouse

Ya’ll better get a move on and jump on the FREE SHIPPING ON PRE SALE ORDERS OF OUR LIMITED EDITION RUN OF CERAKOTED RUSSIAN SPAM CAN RTIC 30 oz. TUMBLERS!!! Get them while you can. I promise you, these will not last long! Get yours on the ASW EAST AND WEST website under the SWAG section and pick up your favorite style today. Better yet, get ONE OF EACH!!! #magpul

CDM Gear (@cdm_gear) Instagram Profile Photo

CDM Gear

@mountsplus with @repostsaveapp ・・・ CDM Gear BMT with 3 slot rail - 20 GA Shotgun at .com : I bought this for my and it is a great choice for a front Mount. I did have my TLR-1s mounted on my Magpul forend using a 2" rail. That was good, but i wanted it further forward and "off" my forend. I'd heard about the quality of and went ahead and ordered this. I was pleasantly surprised at it's quality and functionality. It doesn't show here, but on the other side is a QD mounting hole. I ordered a #Magpul QD Sling Swivel when i ordered this. I was surprised again; when i put the sling swivel in, it did not swing around like most QD matchups i had become used to. The sling swivel will stay in place, on any angle or just straight in. The CDM BMT's QD mounting hole has small divots that matched up with the Magpul QD sling swivel; just another bonus for this Mount!! This mount is also one of the lightest one available for a shotgun clp/mounting system. It's made of strong, durable aluminum in an a black matte finish. I haven't wrote many reviews lately, but this was worth letting others know how great this is. I now have a perfect mount for my weapon light and a great place for a QD sling swivel. It also comes with four pieces of thermal tape to protect the finish on you shotgun. Installation is effortless (everything you need is included) I completely satisfied with this tough little Mount/Clp! I'd recommend this to anyone.

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