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Suret Askerov (@surat_askerov) Instagram Profile Photo

Suret Askerov

S H A H 7 D  💙⚽️ (@shahid_madridista) Instagram Profile Photo

S H A H 7 D 💙⚽️

Moh El-Abbas (@el.abbas) Instagram Profile Photo

Moh El-Abbas

❤ R.M.A ❤ (@1realmadrid3) Instagram Profile Photo

❤ R.M.A ❤

بدرالدين اشباكو (@badr_eldine_chbakou) Instagram Profile Photo

بدرالدين اشباكو

yobannycr7 (@yobannycr7) Instagram Profile Photo


@cristiano Ronaldo vs Arsenal poste 😲🔥🐐👑 👍🏻Like & comment 💬 👥Tag your friends👥 💯Follow @yobannycr7 for more!✔ •=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•

#Zinédine Zidane ¹³ (@madridiy13) Instagram Profile Photo

#Zinédine Zidane ¹³

‏ ' ‏ ‏الحق يُقال من أبناء الارجنتين • • • • ➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤ الان مع أقوى عروض السنه .. قطعتين والثالثه بلااااااش 😍😍🔥!! . وغيرها الكثير ... أكتيف ستور😍 .. المتجر الإلكتروني الرياضي الاقوى فالمنطقه 👟👕 .. لا يفوتكم . .. قسم الاحذيه! @active_shoes @active_shoes .. ضيفوهم اليوم ولا تفوتكم اقوى العرووض الاسبوعيه ➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤

Diario As⚽️🏆 (@diarioas_) Instagram Profile Photo

Diario As⚽️🏆

La portada de mañana jueves 20 de junio🗞

Abdullah #RMCF (@rmcf2all) Instagram Profile Photo

Abdullah #RMCF

. منتخب بريال والله ، شكلي بختار 10 من متابعيني نروح نلعب ضد الارجنتين ودية

Diario As⚽️🏆 (@diarioas_) Instagram Profile Photo

Diario As⚽️🏆

🌠En un futuro no muy lejano... 🤔lo ves posible?

More Than One Page (@morethanonepage) Instagram Profile Photo

More Than One Page

Madrid, Spain

The Palacio de Comunicaciones in Plaza de Cibeles from the Paseo de Prado. 🇪🇸

ᴘʀᴍɪ ᴄɪᴍᴀʜɪ (@madrid_indocmhi) Instagram Profile Photo

ᴘʀᴍɪ ᴄɪᴍᴀʜɪ

Amin amin 🙏 muchas gracias @bebyolla !halamadrid!. #madridista

RMD Domination👑⚽️ (@realmadriddomination) Instagram Profile Photo

RMD Domination👑⚽️

Ferland Mendy: "I’m very happy to play for the best club in the world and wear this jersey. I hope to win lots of titles at this club. When I heard of the interest from Real Madrid I didn’t believe it. Being able to sign for this team is something magnificent." "I'm here to learn firstly. Then, I will try to play as many games as possible and give everything for the club and the fans. Real Madrid can teach me a lot, also as a way of life. I also want to win the maximum number of titles possible." "When I was 15 years old, I had to operate on my hip. They told me I was not going to play football again. I spent some time in a wheelchair and spent 6 months with rehabilitation to walk again. Now I’m at the best club in the world." "It is important to me that the coach is Zidane. He will help me adapt because he speaks French. It is an honour to share the dressing room with a legend like him. I followed him when I was little and it's really special to work with him." "I know the quality that Marcelo has, he has had a great career at Real Madrid and I will learn from him. I’m very happy to be part of Real Madrid and I think he will also be happy that I’ve come. It will be the coach who decides who plays." "I've talked to Varane. He told me that it was the biggest club in the world and that he was going to help me to settle in the group. It's going to be good for me because I’ve played for the international team with him." "It is true that when I arrived, I was a little nervous. I’m now beginning to believe that I’m a Real Madrid player. I'm excited to share the dressing room with everyone. In defence, with Ramos. Also with Benzema.. honestly, with all the players. Follow @realmadriddomination for more😍 #madridista

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