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ŷàzâñ áttøüñ (@y.attoun) Instagram Profile Photo

ŷàzâñ áttøüñ

emile sleiman (@11.11_mine) Instagram Profile Photo

emile sleiman

بتمنى يعجبكن🌚💔 ❤ |☠❄💔👾 ______________________ {تــ ــصـمـ 🎥ـيـمـي}🖤 :-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:- 🔘لايك+عشر كومنتـ👑ـات عشان احبــ💔ـك ————————————- 🔘اعطيني رأيك بهمني:~🤞🏻☠ ——————- 🔘ازا بتعزني ٥ منشن🥀🔔 |::::::::::::::::::::::::| ~|🔪🔞M16 חיים שלי🔞🔪|~ •-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-••~ من الإكسبلور؟ {·follow back·} ——— احضرو للأخر:~🌐🎶 تفاعلو:~➰🔝🔕 احنا التــ👑ـوب والباقي فوتوشوب:~🔕📸 اثبت وجودك بلايك:~💡🤞🏻 بحبكم:~💁🏻‍♂❤🙅🏽‍♀ 🔘🃏🕘⬇🔱💯📆 ❤ #👑عصابة🤘النمرود👑 #m16 #🔞 #❤# زعل #💔

Big Caliber Tactical (@bigcalibertactical) Instagram Profile Photo

Big Caliber Tactical

Today's review is about the @lutharllc MBA-3 stock. This highly modular stock can be adjusted in the length of pull and by raising the cheek riser. Also the buttplate can be fully extended to your desired length. The stock also has a picatinny rail on the bottom to put anything you like on it like a monopod. This stock does fit milspec buffertube as well as a comspec buffertube. Hands-down the best stock I own! More about , , & accessories, you'll find them here @BigCaliberTactical =========================== Check our friends: @roningraphstact @grey_man_designs @relians_safety_security @securemindset @rhesus_custom_as =========================== #m16

Ryan Brace (@ryanbrace27) Instagram Profile Photo

Ryan Brace

Ever wonder how accurate cheap 55grain FMJ rounds would do out of a 20” 1/7 twist barrel? Non-chrome lined? Will it over stabilize a 55 grain? Numbers 1-5 are 10 shot groups of Perfecta .223. They don’t make it anymore but I have a nice stock for range use. Keep in mind this was at 25yards at an indoor range. Using iron sights only on an m16a4 with bipod. Kind of disappointed but what do you expect for Walmart ammo. Plus after shooting thousands of this stuff only maybe two light primer strikes. Still fun as to. #m16

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