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Yashna Krishaan (@indifferentblogger_) Instagram Profile Photo indifferentblogger_

Yashna Krishaan

Instagram Image by Yashna Krishaan (@indifferentblogger_) with caption : "The end of a love story itself is too quick to be felt. What hurts is its slow approach and the destruction that follows" at Hell - 1737934026968240445
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The end of a love story itself is too quick to be felt. What hurts is its slow approach and the destruction that follows. This is what happened to her She loved him with all her heart, his name written all over her smile. He too claimed to love her and for the sake of those rare moments they shared, she actually believed he did. She kept falling harder and faster for him with each passing day but it seemed he had other plans. Slowly yet gradually, he started distancing himself from her. The more she reached out, the more he pulled away. It appeared as if he had time for everyone except her. Despite all her efforts to save what they had, it all seemed to fall apart and she knew it was the beginning of the end. Each passing day, he drifted further way from her and she deeper into her grief. Her mind kept reminding her of how she had lost him yet her heart was not ready to give him up. Their daily meetings turned into lousy phone calls and then into meaningless texts. ‘He must be busy’ she thought, not wanting to accept the harsh reality. Her only fear was to lose him and every day she begged God to do anything to her but make her go one day without him. But God too had other, rather painful plans for her. One day those meaningless texts, that kept her going, stopped. No goodbye, no explaining why, he walked away, just like that. Though she had seen it coming, it was still hard for her to accept that she was no longer around. The aftermath of her heartbreak was so painful that the heavens cried for her. She walked through the devastating journey of accepting that he never actually cared, alone. girl #likemore