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Joe Goldman (@jgoldca) Instagram Profile Photo jgoldca

Joe Goldman


Yesterday I stumbled upon a powerful work of art demonstrating how 39,000 asylum seekers, who often literally walked in the desert from Sudan and Eritrea to Israel. As I prepare to leave Israel, I’m reminded of the privilege I have as a Jew and as an American citizen to come and go as I please from this country of refuge. I hope that, with both internal and external pressure, Netanyahu’s government will be forced to halt deportations and draw up plans to allow these refugees to either stay or go to a third country that they actually want to go to (not Rwanda). #LetMyPeopleStay

Lauren Gambier (@gambiyaaay) Instagram Profile Photo gambiyaaay

Lauren Gambier


Instagram Image by Lauren Gambier (@gambiyaaay) with caption : "God I love my city #letmypeoplestay #nobannowall" at Judson Memorial Church - New York City - 1719324778770141406

God I love my city #letmypeoplestay

New Sanctuary Coalition (@newsanctuarycoalition) Instagram Profile Photo newsanctuarycoalition

New Sanctuary Coalition


Foley Square Report Download 0 63

- "ICE has got to go!" Immigration lawyer Steven Sacco was on fire for justice at the "You Can't Deport a Movement" rally in Foley Square last Saturday. He called on ICE employees to quit and on lawmakers to abolish ICE, which he called a "morally depraved" "anti-freedom, anti-family, pro-violence institution." - "...with our nonviolence, and with our words, and especially with our words, we are coming for ICE!" - Swipe left on the photo to read the words he spoke in their entirety. And hear some of his rousing oration in a video at - 📷 @markneuwirth - @newsanctuarycoalition #letmypeoplestay

fa!th st.amant🧠🦋☁️🚃 (@faithst.amant) Instagram Profile Photo faithst.amant

fa!th st.amant🧠🦋☁️🚃

the only LsTAKEN this weekend were by the House of Representatives and the Senate when they met 600 teenaged brains and blazers #letmypeoplestay

“You shall not oppress or mistreat a stranger, for you were strangers in Egypt.” (Exodus 22:21) #LetMyPeopleStay