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Neurociencias para bien estar ( Instagram Profile Photo

Neurociencias para bien estar

Los científicos han encontrado una correlación entre una enfermedad que involucra dolor crónico y alteraciones en el microbioma intestinal. 😵 . Al comparar pacientes con FM con controles no relacionados mediante el análisis de abundancia diferencial, se revelaron diferencias significativas en varios taxones bacterianos. . En línea con la alteración observada en las especies metabolizadoras de butirato, el análisis del metabolito sérico dirigido verificó las diferencias en los niveles séricos de butirato y propionato en pacientes con FM. . Usando algoritmos de aprendizaje automático, la composición del microbioma solo permitió la clasificación de pacientes y controles (ROC AUC 87.8%). 💻 . Hasta donde sabemos, esta es la primera demostración de alteración de microbioma intestinal en el dolor no visceral. . En resumen, utilizando una gama de técnicas clínicas, incluido el aprendizaje profundo, el investigador identifica los cambios en el microbioma de las personas con fibromialgia que no se asociaron con la dieta, los medicamentos o el envejecimiento. 🤓 . Además, la gravedad de los síntomas se correlacionó directamente con una mayor presencia, o una ausencia más pronunciada, de ciertas bacterias. 🧠 . . . Referencia: “Altered microbiome composition in individuals with fibromyalgia”. Minerbi et al. Pain. doi:10.1097/j..0000000000001640 . #learning

C h r i s   M c C a n n (@mccannicalman_drummer) Instagram Profile Photo

C h r i s M c C a n n

Northern Ireland

Saturday was a blast and I can’t wait to do it all again this coming Saturday. Lots of enthusiastic students willing to get up and play on stage, listen, ask questions and tear through 4 large pizzas in less that 5 mins 😑 . . This is only the start for @beats_grooves_allthatjazz - the future looks fun filled & groovy 🙌🏼 . . 📸 @mclmatthew . . #learning

Amherstburg, Ontario

Learning to swim without floaties 😁😁😁 Proud mom and daddy #learning

For me life is about continual learning, being a better you and pouring into others. Today I celebrate the completion of 8 week course and it was EVERYTHING! It was especially great to complete it with such great people. #learning

WILD SELF YOGA (@wildselfyoga) Instagram Profile Photo


Sydney, Australia

~ Love what you do ~ • • It is so important how you spend your time and your energy here on this planet.. We are so grateful to be able to guide others to teach yoga, to watch students grow and transform, to then see students go out and teach others! What a beautiful journey ♡ Join us for our next adventure in November this year at a beautiful beach location in NSW, all dets on our website - link in bio ☆ 📷@fancyfanny_ + + + + + + + + + + + #learning

House Of Purpose Church (@houseofpurposechurch) Instagram Profile Photo

House Of Purpose Church

House of Purpose Church

Join us as we continue learning about the Kingdom’s Culture. Tonite at 7. You wouldn’t want to miss out!!! #learning

Draper, Utah

Do you want to learn to fly? As many of you know, I have been teaching for Super Fly since 2017. With Chris's full support and unanimous positivity from everybody that I look up to in the free flight community, I have decided to open my own independent paragliding school at Point of the Mountain. The best part is that continued support from the Super Fly te will be provided on the hill, in the shop for repairs, and gear sales. After the process of securing PASA approval, RRRG insurance, and everything else associated with opening a business, I now accepting students. Paragliding isn't for everybody, and I a small operation. I cannot teach the world. If you are interested in flying, let's have a chat about what it entails and maybe come out for an intro lesson. Hope to see you on the hill, thanks! #learning

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