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Layers on long hair #layershaircut

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Makeup n hair by Marium.

Ladies, this is an extremely important post for all those ladies who regularly get relaxing/extenso ( permanent straightening of the hair) done. So this client came in with extremely dry hair. She had a story to tell about how she had gotten her extenso done from a well known salon and how they burnt her hair that she ended up crying right there. I get a lot of clients ( and im sure all salon owners do about every other salon disaster) regarding their cases gone wrong. Ladies, extenso/relaxing isnt a joke. Its a some serious chemical that fights nature to make your hair straight. There is a certain protocol that needs to be followed before getting it done. So please make sure when you walk in to a certain salon, they do the following. 1) The stylist should ask about your hair history, if you got your hair dyed/bleached/mehndi, because that determines which product they need to use. 2) The stylist should do a strand test on one of your hair strands and check the result, specially in extremely damaged hair conditions. Please make sure you dont get your work started unless they do a strand test. Once the strand test comes clear, they can start with the procedure. Please make sure you are honest with your stylists, and let them know what you used on your hair ( incase you use boxed dyes which damage your hair ). haircut

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Before and after swipe⬅️ highlights with olaplex and cut by V👸🏼 #layershaircut

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Rioadele Hamlett

New haircut ❤️👌🏻 #layershaircut shout-out to @hairbyrobertoo

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