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Russell Mojica (@russellmojica) Instagram Profile Photo

Russell Mojica

Well that’s it. Led headlights 😂 #lawntractor

⇜TacticalPants⇝ (@_followthetundra_) Instagram Profile Photo


Happy Tuesday! #lawntractor

Janet Denman (@janet.denman) Instagram Profile Photo

Janet Denman

She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy Last week's theme was . There's something about creating that really appeals to me. #lawntractor

This issue is at the press. The back issue will be available in July. You can order it at or by calling 812-985-0828. Contents -An X-tra in the Sears Lineup by Mikey Miklossy -The EPCO Files: Jim Dandy by Rob Bush -Bolens Enthusiasts Celebrate 100 Years by Brian Bolens -News from Across the Pond by Paul Mackellow -Wheel Horse 500 Special Pit Stop Restoration by Brandon Charlotte Pfeiffer -Beaver Riding Tractors 1949-1953 by Brandon Charlotte Pfeiffer -Editorials -Choosing the Right Garden Tractor for a Front-End Loader by Norman Ng -Wheel Horse GT22 8-Speed by Matt Castagno -Restoring a John Deere Patio Tractor by Cole Lake -A Reunion of Rare Case Models by Dave Beiter -Classified Ads -Road Trips #lawntractor

Gochenaurs Restorations LLC (@gochenaursrestorations) Instagram Profile Photo

Gochenaurs Restorations LLC

East Berlin, Pennsylvania

I've spent the day working on this Craftsman riding mower for a customer. I believe I've got the shifter problem solved. If the shifter problem is fixed, tomorrow will be all about the tune up and clean up. #lawntractor

Awkward Man (@manawkward) Instagram Profile Photo

Awkward Man

The BEAST is alive! Too bad I have to wait for the grass to grow again, but at least I can do laps for now. Its ugly, but surprisingly fast. And if you slam it into forward it'll pop wheelies apparently... I swear it was intentional. #lawntractor

Hudson, New Hampshire

Alright, So I decided to build a racing lawnmower out of this old craftsman yard tractor that I picked up by the side of the road a few years ago. Why? Because why not! @sick_954 and I have been working on it for less than a week and we’ve already torn it all the way down, repaired the steering then temporarily removed the front axle assembly, welded in some angle iron to fit the motor and the rear end (when it comes in) and made a hole for the clutch to go through. #lawntractor

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