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Flavia Formica Coach (@flavia.formica_coach) Instagram Profile Photo

Flavia Formica Coach

The more I practice gratitude the better things become. Even when it’s hard to find something to be grateful for. Try. #kindness

Rachel Hartop (@buddhist_gherkin) Instagram Profile Photo

Rachel Hartop

So very grateful to have had a visit from a dear sangha friend today. Life is so full that I struggle to visit @cambuddhist but the place and the sangha are never far from my thoughts and heart. Open and honest discussion served to remind me of my love of the Dharma, and realise how, even when I might not feel I am, I’m practising every day. #kindness

After my "bee Kind" pillow, this was the next logical step....😏 You're sure to make a statement with this pillow!! #kindness

Danika 🌹 (@sadie73109) Instagram Profile Photo

Danika 🌹

"Always unique , Never basic" ☺ I hope everyone is doing good. #kindness (Dms are always open)

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