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Aleksandra Pytlak (@unlimeated) Instagram Profile Photo

Aleksandra Pytlak

Lior shumunov (@elshum) Instagram Profile Photo

Lior shumunov

Gabby Barruelas (@gabby_barruelas) Instagram Profile Photo

Gabby Barruelas

Kristina (@kmgibby) Instagram Profile Photo


Chicken Wings are my JAM. Got my usual: large traditional with salt and vinegar dry rub on the side and a pile of celery. Requested extra crispy for the first time, which was a good choice. 👍🐔 . . . . . genic

Health♥️ Nutrition🥗 Fitness🏋️ (@_mehealthfitness) Instagram Profile Photo

Health♥️ Nutrition🥗 Fitness🏋️

It’s ! Even though I have lost 58lbs, I still wearing most of the se clothes I was wearing before! The difference is instead of clothes being tight and clingy (even with spanx underneath!) now they are light and flowy! That’s one of my favourite things. Clothes used to feel restrictive. I didn’t even wear jeans anymore, it felt uncomfortable to move with the fabric pulling. Clothes just better! So even though I still wearing an XL (the teal top pictured is even a XXL), but it is a loose and flattering XL. Not to say that I’m not excited for the next size down and size after that to buy new clothes! 😂😂 but it is very nice to still get some use out of what I already own! (Pictures are July 2018 and June 2019) * * * genic

keto_jemz (@keto_jemz) Instagram Profile Photo


I was talking with a client giving her advice..."you need to place value on you or no one will!" . I told her; "Your an amazing generous person, mother, always thinking of others above yourself, but you lack your own self belief and value" . Why particularly as women do we do this!! Quick to see other beauty, but not our own!!?! . After our conversation I asked myself "we'll do you Jess? Do you see your worth and value!!?!" My answer... I'm getting better at it but yes I see it! . It helps when each day your making conscious healthy decisions to make a healthier me, but it's mind, and spirit!  genic        

⬇️72.7 pounds (@cosita_keto) Instagram Profile Photo

⬇️72.7 pounds

El Paso, Texas

I have an uncontrolled obsession with making my own ketorade. Lol. This one is blueberry lemon blast. Lol. Dont forget to add pink Himalayan salt or @realsaltketo . This particular one I ran out of my packets of @truelemon so I used a combination of mio energy sprays. My kid loves this. My brother @_alpharod Enjoys them too . . #ketogenic

🥩Brandie L 🥓 (@ketohappyhumble) Instagram Profile Photo

🥩Brandie L 🥓

Fernley, Nevada

When I tell people I do keto they say, “so you don’t eat fruit?” Ummm, understand one thing, I NEVER forget to eat my fruit, I just keep it in the berry family! Also I made my coated crispy pork chops using @porkkinggood pork rinds and they were so dang good!! Im definitely a happy and full girl tonight 👌🏻😁 . . . . . . . ketoresults #ketogenic

Alli Black (@bigmamma317) Instagram Profile Photo

Alli Black

Fullerton, California

Today was amazing! I felt great, ate good, worked out and baked Keto cheese chips for the first time. It’s crazy how much more energy i have with just being on Keto for 2 days. Who else feels like they have more energy when on Keto? _____________________________________ genic

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