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Thao Newyen (@missnewyen) Instagram Profile Photo missnewyen

Thao Newyen


image by Thao Newyen (@missnewyen) with caption : "Kallisto 💜 #jupitermonde #juniqe #4820kmdurchmesser #16tageumlaufzeit #wow" - 1710983401921488665
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Kallisto 💜 #jupitermonde

Denise Parisi (@parisi_denise) Instagram Profile Photo parisi_denise

Denise Parisi


Aero Kaninchen (@aerokaninchen) Instagram Profile Photo aerokaninchen

Aero Kaninchen


image by Aero Kaninchen (@aerokaninchen) with caption : "Home is where the heart is miss my folks when not on location #attenmentpause #jupitermonde #jupiterishen #sendsaltnpepp" - 1610067167327612956
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Home is where the heart is miss my folks when not on location #jupitermonde

3dGameCoder (german Indie) (@3dgamecoder) Instagram Profile Photo 3dgamecoder

3dGameCoder (german Indie)

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- Planetarium-Skybox (Level 1) - . Part's of my Skybox from the new 1. Level (Planetarium). (You can read/see more about this new Level at 'New vs Old 1. Level' in my Post before). . I never was in or see a real Planetarium, but i made nevertheless a Planetarium Skybox. There you 'are' at the Gas-Planet Jupiter (the Planet with the big Storm). You can see there 3 of his over 60 (!) Moons, my Sign 'Sagittarius', and different white Stars too. . Because i don't know how to made Star-Fog with Photoshop, i've found & use another solution (Black/Blue Star-Background) The Skybox is not completely ready, but the most in it. . . Jupiter & Jupiter-Moon 'Ganymede' (Picture 1): 1 of Jupiter's much Moons. I thing, it have no Atmosphere, but for a little cooler look i tried to made a dark-blue Atmosphere too. . Constellation/Sign 'Sagittarius' (Picture 2): This is the  Constellation/Sign from me, the Creator of this Game. In the real World, the Sign look other as here. But for easier Sign recognition i choose another look (for people that don't know how Sagittarius look's real in the Night-Sky). . Jupiter-Moon 'Callisto' (Picture 3 & 4): Another Moon of Jupiter's much Moons. . . No seamless Skybox-Problem? Sometimes (or often) your self drawn (or other Textures) have visible seams (or Edges) in the Skybox. Solution (when you've programmed all right): Transform only 1 Picture/Texture in 5 (or 6) Skybox friendly Textures, ;-) You can use Software for it like Bryce or Blender (need more work), or buy special Software. You can also learn, how to paint/made Skybox friendly Textures in Photoshop, but's not easy. . . Credits: The Jupiter Picture & Moon-Pictures are not made by me, i take them from NSSDC (NASA). The biggest white Stars are also not made from me (Photoshop-Brush). . . . monde

Industry@work ( Instagram Profile Photo


image by Industry@work ( with caption : "Wusstest du schon: Der Jupiter ist der größte Planet in unserem Sonnensystem (148.500 km Durchmesser an seinem Äquator)." - 1533415786932473328
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Wusstest du schon: Der Jupiter ist der größte Planet in unserem Sonnensystem (148.500 km Durchmesser an seinem Äquator). Er braucht nur 10 Stunden, um sich um die eigene Achse zu drehen, und für den Umlauf der Sonne satte 12 Jahre. Er ist eines der hellsten Objekte am Himmel und hat 39 Monde. Bereits 1610 entdeckte Galileo Galilei die ersten Jupitermonde. monde