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image by Bepannaah (@favorite_jodi) with caption : "Beetey Lamhay Humein Yaad aate hain 💔💔💔 #bepannah #bepanaah #bepanah #bepannaah #bepannaahlove❤️ #aditiya #zoya #Adiya  " - 1766212236366801770
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Beetey Lamhay Humein Yaad aate hain 💔💔💔 ❤️ #JenniferWinget @favorite_jodi PC: Twitter

bepannaah🖤بلا ملجأ (@bepannaah_1) Instagram Profile Photo bepannaah_1

bepannaah🖤بلا ملجأ

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(ترجمة الملخص بالعربي وبعد شوي انزل الملخص بالانجليزي)💘👍🏻 - تبدأ حلقة اليوم من مسلسل بلا ملجأ وصول اديتيا إلى دار الأيتام حيث خططت زويا لحفل عيد ميلادهو المفاجئ الذي كان مقرراً أصلاً من قبل بوجا، تتوقع زويا أن يفكر اديتيا في بوجا بشكل مختلف. ومع ذلك، لم يكن هذا هو الحال. في غضب ، أديتيا رمي الكعكة وينتهي بإلقاء اللوم على زويا للحصول على خدع من قبل ياش في حين أن أديتيا غضب من زويا بسبب ما يزعم أنه شيء شخصي للغاية معه ، كما قالت زويا إنها لا تعاني من مشكلة مع أديتيا وأنها ليست هي التي خططت لحفل عيد الميلاد زويا تعطيه الملف وتخبره أيضا أنه كان طلب بوجا وهي التي خططت لهذه المفاجأة في حين أعلن أنه كان آخر رغبة بوجا(هذا طلب بوجا قبل ماتموت كتبت وصية انو يعملو حفل عيد ميلاد لاديتيا) أخبرت زويا أديتيا بأن ، وأن شكوكه ببوجا لا معنى له بينما كان أديتيا على وشك الرحيل ، تسأل زويا أديتيا عن السبب في أنه لا يستطيع أن يصدق أن بوجا لم تغشه مع ياش وأن بوجا وياش كانوا أصدقاء فقط. ومع ذلك ، لا يغير أديتيا موقفه ، بل يغضب أكثر من ذلك ، ويشكك في الأدلة المتوفرة لديه والتي تدعي أن بوجا وياش كانا على علاقة. يصرّ اديتيا على موقف بوجا من موقفه ، ويقول إن بوجا هي الغشاشة وسوف استمر في كرهي لها♥️ - (تكلمة الملخص بالبوست يلي بعدو)👍🏻😍 . 👉🏻 @bepannaah_1 - @harshad_chopda @jenniferwinget1 @shehzadss @vaishnavidhanraj #jenniferwinget @aanchalgoswami55

image by Bepannaah (@favorite_jodi) with caption : "Intensity & Expressions 🔥🔥🔥 They Both Deserve Best Actor & Actress Award ❤❤❤ #bepannah #bepanaah #bepanah #bepannaah #be" - 1766209716512668134
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Intensity & Expressions 🔥🔥🔥 They Both Deserve Best Actor & Actress Award ❤❤❤ ❤️ @harshad_chopda #JenniferWinget @jenniferwinget1 @favorite_jodi

JenniferwingetTeam (@jenniferwinget114) Instagram Profile Photo jenniferwinget114


image by JenniferwingetTeam (@jenniferwinget114) with caption : "Doesn't #jenniferwinget look like a princess? @jenniferwinget1 #bepannaah #Zoyasiddiqui #throwback" - 1766208139555598570
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Doesn't #jenniferwinget look like a princess? @jenniferwinget1

Bepanaah 😻 Pyaar Hai Tumse 👼 (@bepannaah_addict) Instagram Profile Photo bepannaah_addict

Bepanaah 😻 Pyaar Hai Tumse 👼

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Part 4 ................. Harshwardhan angrily tells Anjana that today Aditya made embarrassed him in front of so many people. Anjana taunts him and says that this all happened because of the affair he had and Aditya just told the truth. . Aditya tells Arjun that Harshwardhan had a affair when he was in school and Arjun was a small child. He tells Arjun that he has seen their mom cry alone and he was the witnessed. . He promised Anjana to never leave her alone. Arjun is shocked. He further tells that One day Mr. Hood came and his mother did not even ask him a question so that one day he will realise their importance but instead Mr. Hooda just enjoyed two worlds, one inside house and one outside house. . He says that Pooja knew all this and that he will not be able to take any betrayal anymore but still she betrayed him. . . . . Winget

Bepanaah 😻 Pyaar Hai Tumse 👼 (@bepannaah_addict) Instagram Profile Photo bepannaah_addict

Bepanaah 😻 Pyaar Hai Tumse 👼

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Part 3 ............... The way she wore Pooja's saree and were speaking her line so he did this to give her pain in return. Zoya says all she did was not meant to trouble him but all he did is on purpose to give her pain. . Zoya says by doing this he cannot break her trust on Yash. She tries to go away but Aditya holds he hand and brings her closer to the pictures. He ask her to imagine them on bed clicking selfies and on vacations and trips. . Zoya snatches her hand and runs away to the gate. Aditya comes to her and says that now his revenge is over. He opens the door and Zoya goes away crying. . Noor is shocked seeing the papers and wonders how will she tell about these papers to Zoya. She is confused and tries to call her mother but her father does not allow he to talk to Noor. Noor is in a hyper and confused state. . Aditya is at home and Arjun comes to him. He ask him where he went and Aditya ask him to stop interrogating him. Arjun ask him if he hates Pooja so much then why is he crying. Aditya replies that he still has got some good memories with him but he does not bring them out because he does not want to spoil them but Zoya made fun of them today. . Arjun conveys to him that maybe Zoya did not do it purposely and was thinking that she was making him happy. Aditya tells Arjun that he got the biggest lesson of his life when he was 16 years old. . . . Winget