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Namiko Tatsunokuchi (@namikojapan) Instagram Profile Photo

Namiko Tatsunokuchi

Juan Chan (@juanchan) Instagram Profile Photo

Juan Chan

Went up Mount Ashidake at Daisetsuzan National Park today! . . Had pretty light to make this portrait of @ashleytpy - slide left to see the pretty cottage that was this location, the light that attracted me... and the really pretty sight of the mountain which we trekked a little around. Too much snow and you need proper hiking gear to go up! .
. culture

【公式】結納の永井 呉 (@yuinou_kure2017) Instagram Profile Photo

【公式】結納の永井 呉

★ 【完成】ご祝儀袋 先ほどの熨斗をつけて完成です😊 ほんのり古風な可愛らしいご祝儀袋ができました🌸 culture

Tokyo Interlopers (@tokyointerlopers) Instagram Profile Photo

Tokyo Interlopers

“When one of the biggest English conversational schools in Japan went bust in 2007, I suddenly found myself jobless. With no income, I would desperately find former students, go to their house, and do a group lesson for not even so much money. There was even a single mother who asked me to do lessons for her 5-year-old kid. We’d go to a karaoke box and she’d sit there watching while her kid played with me, as I’m speaking in English. I don’t know if they knew, but I didn’t tell them how poor I was. I was trying to just survive from week to week, getting money from students. In my head I was thinking, ‘What I doing?’ and ‘This is a waste of my time.’ I really wanted to be a writer, but creativity was too much of a luxury then. . “Luckily, I found a job and got assigned to teach English at a university. However, this university was notorious for having only bad students with no future. It was considered the lowest of the low. I was basically in a class full of miscreants—party girls, biker guys, bad boys, and I was so scared at first. They didn’t throw chairs at me but they did with other teachers. It felt like I was babysitting them. But instead of giving up on them, I listened to their stories, their fily problems: ‘Oh my girlfriend’s pregnant’ or ‘I have to work at a convenience store. I’ve no time for school.’ I remember using rap, hip hop, and all kinds of music to communicate with them and as a way to teach. They studied English through the lyrics and loved it. Then once they knew that I listened, they started opening up. It seems no one listened to them for the longest time. That was probably one of my proudest moments in life.”. . Tune in to @madeinjapanpodcast . . eseculture

Ino, Kōchi

Encore une photo du musée du papier Tosa Washi à Ino (préfecture de Kochi). Pour en savoir plus, ça se passe sur @voyapon ➡️ . . . #japaneseculture

Sophie 🇯🇵 Cours de Japonais (@coursdejaponaiscom) Instagram Profile Photo

Sophie 🇯🇵 Cours de Japonais


Quels sont rapports entre le Japon 🇯🇵 et la Corée du Sud 🇰🇷 ? Je suis ravie de vous présenter ce nouvel article sur mon blog, écrit par mon amie coréenne @mayacoreen 😊 J'ai moi-même beaucoup appris en lisant cet article. Je connaissais mal relations entre ces deux pays, et je ne savais pas qu'il y a autant de similitudes entre leurs langues. Dites-moi ce que vous en avez pensé ! Et allez faire un tour sur le compte Instagram de @mayacoreen 😁 ➡️ Lien dans ma bio 🔗

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